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Quick Extender Pro Partners with McAfee for Customer Security

The Quick Extender Pro website is now McAfee certified secure in accordance with an agreement reached between the two companies. The website is now tested daily to ensure

security and safety for all Quick Extender Pro customers.

New York, NY – August 09, 2012 – Quick Extender Pro, makers of America’s best-selling penis enlargement device, is proud to announce their partnership with McAfee. Quick Extender Pro is now part of the McAfee Secure program which provides certification for website’s utilising secure, online transactions. McAfee Secure certification gives customers the confidence to purchase products from a participating vendor knowing they are protected against identity theft and fraud. All McAfee Secure vendors, including Quick Extender Pro, carry the Trustmark logo on their website.

Regular visitors to the Quick Extender Pro website are familiar with the company’s products. Those who may be new to the idea of penis enlargement may not be aware of why the company has been so successful to this point. The Quick Extender Pro device is one of the most effective methods of penis enlargement as recommended by medical professionals around the world. The device is completely safe to use, comfortable, and very effective in increasing size and correcting penile curvature problems.

Quick Extender Pro comes in three different package options including Value, Deluxe Standard, and Deluxe Limited. Each package also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% money back guarantee. All of the information needed regarding Quick Extender Pro, how it works, and what satisfied customers are saying can be found at the company’s website at Those looking for an effective means of penis enlargement are encouraged to visit them today.

About Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro inc. is a New York based company with international offices in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. The company has put several years of research and development into their penis extender products and believes it to be the best such product on the market. Their device works on the proven scientific principle of traction, a principle which increases length and girth without any harm to the user when used according to instructions. Quick Extender Pro is committed to customer satisfaction with every unit sold. For more information about the company or their device feel free to visit or call toll free at 888-800-6987 Extension 6 for customer service.


Quick Extender Pro™

228 Park Ave S #78404

New York, New York 10003

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