Penis Enlargement Questions and Answers

5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Using Penis Enlargers

Using Penis Enlargers

In recent years, penis enlargers have become increasingly popular. There are multiple reasons for it, including the positive studies and the presence of the internet. Various researchers evaluated the efficacy of these devices, and concluded that they can, indeed, cause permanent size increase without any negative side effects or health issues. Although there are a large number of documented cases where size increase occurred, not all enlarger devices work, and even those that do in certain cases, can produce inconsistent results for others.

This is because like most non-surgical body modification, increasing the size of the penis takes time. Penis enlargers are delicate tools that produce results that reflect on the efforts and proper usage of the apparatus. If you don’t use the device exactly as it is in the manual, or don’t use it enough times to make a true difference, you cannot expect to have consistent, lasting results. This is not a quick fix we are talking about, that can be achieved with vacuum devices or even supplements. If this is so complicated, how can you be sure that you get the wanted results? You have to ask yourself five questions.

Is Size Really Your Problem?
Penis Enlargers are only good for one thing, increasing your penis size. There are men out there who have a 7-8 inches long penis, yet still obsessed about increasing their size. If you are one of these people, these devices are probably not for you. Also, if you have another problem like early ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, a tool like that is once again not likely to be effective. In fact, the opposite could be in the cards. In addition, while wearing the device, you could experience premature ejaculation as well, but that should go away once the course is completed.

Are You Thorough Enough?
Penis enlargers don’t work overnight, the enlargement process usually takes long weeks, and you have to measure yourself quite regularly within that period. You have to make sure that you have the data, because once the change sets in, it becomes a lot harder. Many males decide to photograph or video their penis from time to time so they are able to see the changes.

How Much Do You Need to Be Comfortable?
If you are wearing one of the penis enlargers that are available on the market, you probably have to forget being comfortable or at least any time. Wearing a penis extender is anything but comfortable. The device is working on increasing your size for as many hours as you put it on, and that naturally creates a strain on your body, with mild pain and discomfort. There are variants that can be worn at night, they are bigger, but also more convenient, at least if you can sleep with them on.

Can You Stick to the Plan on a Daily Basis?
Penis enlargers only work if you use them almost daily, and for several hours a day. There are some tricks that can prepare you for the process, like massaging the groin area, to make it more relaxed. With tense muscles, the chance of developing an injury is much higher. Deep tissue massages can also help getting your body ready, and the more of these boxes you can check, the better results you can look forward to.

Can You Stay Motivated?
If you are getting good results within a couple of weeks, it is relatively easy to stay motivated. Even if you never had a small penis but rather an average one, if you see the results, you become much more optimistic. Being motivated and staying in that mindset is not something many can do, but if you are willing to put in the work, it’s not impossible to have a success story. If you are more of a lone wolf, you can still find those who are looking for help, all you have to do is browse online forums and find the support system you always wanted.

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