Penis Extender Questions and Answers

Are Penis Extenders Painful to use?

One of the concerns you might have about using a penis extender is whether or not it will cause you any pain. It’s important to know that not all penis extenders are the same. The Quick Extender Pro is a second generation system and is designed with your comfort and success in mind. The second generation double strap system is designed to eliminate any discomfort experienced with older obsolete versions of the penis extender.

In the past, users had trouble earing their penis extenders for more than an hour. That translated into painfully slow progress and for some, discontinuation of the treatment.

Comfort is really important when it comes to penis extenders. The more comfortable the device is, the more you will be able to wear it. In turn, this will help you gain better results. The Quick Extender Pro is known to be the leader in comfort. Once you get used to the idea of wearing the penis extender, you forget that it’s even on. That is the main factor behind the success of the Quick Extender Pro.

For those of you looking for that extra degree of comfort, you can always opt to upgrade your comfort pads to the memory foam type. (Included in the Deluxe Limited Edition).

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