Penis Enlargement Questions and Answers

Are You Ever Too Old for Penis Enlargement?

Are You Ever Too Old for Penis Enlargement?

They say nobody is ever too old to enjoy a pleasurable time in the bedroom. Although people are never too old to have sex with their partners, are they too old to undergo any form of penis enlargement? It’s a genuine question because the older men get the more problems they encounter. It’s more difficult to offer the same level of excitement as they get older. Here’s the answer to penis enlargement for the elderly.

Why a Bigger Penis?

Even if a man had a big penis for his entire life it will diminish with age. As the body begins to become more fragile a number of limbs and organs begin to shrink in size; the penis is one of them. It uses exactly the same principle as the decrease in size many men experience. Normally, it’s just a matter of getting on with these drawbacks and hoping actions can compensate for this inferiority. Not anymore, though. With a high quality penis extender, it’s possible for people to change their ways and get a larger penis to benefit them.

Another reason why having a bigger penis can be a major benefit is to cover for other areas which may be lacking. It’s a fact older people heal and regenerate their cells slower than a young person. A lack of sperm, reduced orgasm intensity, and a lack of size are all things which contribute to an inferior sexual experience. By offering a surprise to a partner, these issues can be overlooked.

How Old is Too Old?

Penis extenders can be used by practically anybody since they take advantage of the body’s natural processes. They don’t use surgery, medications, or other foreign objects and substances to address the issue. As long as the individual is in a ready state of mind there’s nothing stopping them from increasing the size of their penis. The only restriction is on young people because their body is still growing at a young age and it would be dangerous to interfere with it before they become an adult.

Do Older People Differ?

The process remains the same for everybody. Nobody will have to alter their schedule or their regime to take advantage of the full benefits of penis extenders. The only real difference with penis enlargement devices is the process could take longer with older people due to a reduced recovery rate.

The rate at which new cells replicate is crucial to the speed at which the body increases the size of the penis. Micro tears are created in the penis using the traction process of the extender. Over time, these tiny cuts heal themselves. To heal themselves cells have to replicate to form new tissue. As more tissue is formed additional layers are added on, which is how the length and girth increases. Older people naturally have reduced recovery rates. It doesn’t stop them from using these devices, but it does mean the time taken to see visible results will be increased.

How to Use the Extender

Older people are able to acquire exactly the same benefits from one of these devices as a younger person. Here’s how to properly use an extender:

  • Always read the instructions. Certain brands could have different rules for different age groups. Either way, following the instructions of a specific product is essential for preventing any injuries, or other complications.
  • Place the extender on using the given instructions.
  • Choose the right setting and start the traction process. There should be no discomfort and no negative feelings as the micro tears don’t impact the nerves and aren’t visible.
  • Wear it for about two hours for the first few times to allow the body to adjust to this device. The length of time can be upgraded to a maximum of six hours as time goes on.
  • Take note, if there’s any amount of discomfort at anytime the device should be taken off immediately. The consequences of receiving damage from one of these devices can range from discomfort all the way to amputation.

Choosing the Right Extender

Older people are free to make the same choices as a younger person, when it comes to the device they choose. They are the same for everybody and don’t differ based on age. Use exactly the same tactics as with choosing any new product or brand:

Check independent websites for reviews of a certain product. The high quality brands, such as the Quick Extender Pro, will shine through.

Use medical endorsements and other medical studies as evidence of the effectiveness of a certain product. These are normally displayed on the individual company’s website.

Choose brands which use straps instead of loops in medical grade materials. The male health industry generally gives customers what they pay for. Not investing in these devices is a one-way ticket to disaster as health complications can and do arise. Another reason is longevity. Medical grade devices will last for years, whereas lesser devices could only last for a matter of weeks.

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