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Beware of Risky Male Enlargement Products

Increasing the size of your penis doesn’t have to be difficult or dangerous.  In fact, there are a number of products out there that work, such as the Quick Extender Pro.  There are a number of others that don’t work, but at least they don’t really have any nasty side effects or risks.  Using those products might cost you a lot of money, but at least they won’t damage your body or make it difficult to get an erection.  However, there are some penis enlargement methods that are quite risky.  These include surgery and vacuum pumps.

Penis enlargement surgery involves cutting the ligaments that hold the penis to the body.  By releasing these ligaments, more of the penis lies outside of the body.  This doesn’t actually add inches to the penis, but by moving more of the penis out of the body, it does look larger.  Other methods involve implanting body fat under the skin, which makes the penis appear longer and wider.  Of course, there are many different risks here, such as scarring, losing sensitivity, and having lumps of fat appear on the penis.  It’s even possible to become impotent or deal with chronic pain from these surgeries.  Then there’s the price: surgery can run anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000, and insurance does not cover this type of surgery.

Vacuum pumps are just as risky.  While they don’t cost as much, they are still more expensive than products like the Quick Extender Pro penis enlarger.  They also can cause damage to the blood vessels in the penis, which can lead to impotency and erectile dysfunction.

Other types of products and penis enlargement techniques can be dangerous, too, although they usually aren’t as risky.  For example, poor quality penis extenders can slip or cause pain.  The Quick Extender Pro uses a double strap system to guarantee no slippage and to distribute the points of contact.  It’s a reliable product that carries no risk.

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