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Breaking Down the Double Strap Support Penis Extender

Of all of the recent advances and improvements in penis extenders there is nothing that’s more exciting than the Double Strap Support System (DSS). This advancement makes one of the best innovations in penis extender history, and there are more than a few men who are absolutely thankful that the industry decided that this is the way to go.

What is a DSS System?

The system possesses two medical grade silicone tube that help secure the head and shaft of the penis. By doing this, you’re eliminating slippage that seems to be a regular issue of many of the existing penis extender programs out there. For those who have used these programs in the past but to little or no avail, one of the most significant reasons would have to be because that they would slip a good amount. If you haven’t, you could imagine that this could cause a fair amount of frustration, especially given the already exacerbated condition that the man is already in.

One of the biggest causes of this has to do with the fact that many penis enlargement devices only have a bit in the way of sizing and resizing. While some can be effective, others fall flat. There isn’t a uniform penis size or shape, and as such, it’s important that you have something that will account for that. The Quick Extender Pro does that with more than a sufficient option in the use of the DSS.

Comfort is the Key

Comfort is absolutely key when you’re using a penis extender. Every man understands that this is going to be something that’s affixed to your penis. Considering everything foreign isn’t an ideal situation for your penis to be in, it’s imperative that you have something that won’t be too much of a hindrance. The Quick Extender Pro is one that takes this concern very seriously.

That’s evident with their use of the deluxe comfort pads. It makes the device much easier to use than virtually all of the other penis enlargement devices available. There’s something very interesting there, at least when it comes to how effective it can be.

When you can wear something that doesn’t feel too awkward, you’re not going to mind wearing it very much. While there won’t particularly be anything that will feel natural, a device that can be worn for extended periods of time will result in a better outcome. Most men want the results the moment that they start using the device, and if you can go about wearing it without it causing little to no discomfort, you’re bound to see something come about much quicker than using any of the other leading brands.

The Proof is in the Pudding

But, the best thing about the DSS system is the fact that you’re going to actually see the results, as it’s the main reason that the product has been successful where others have failed. It’s simply secure. If the device can’t properly be attached to your penis, you’re simply not going to get the results that you’re looking for. With the DSS, you’re guaranteed to receive explosive gains because it’s something that no other systems use. In just in a month’s time, some users have experienced gains of about a quarter inch to almost a half an inch in length. At the three to six month mark, many users of the Quick Extender Pro reported that nearly a full inch in length. Even though the product works at better intervals than it does with others, this is definitely stating something for the validity of the penis extender. As earlier stated, this has much to do with the fantastic implementation that is the Double Strap Support system.

Fortunately enough, the Penis Extender has been an acclaimed device that has finally gotten it correct. This product is sure to bring some smiling faces to both men and women the world over.

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