Effects of Having a Small Penis on a Man

Most men will have thought about what life would be like with a larger penis.  For some it is a fleeting thought that goes no further.  For others though, the size of their penis is something that worries them to an extent where it can have a negative effect on their lives.

Nowadays there is a choice of treatments which can help men who are experiencing such difficulties including the penis extender device.  The effects of using the device can be split into two categories; physical and psychological.

Physical Effects

For some men, the length of their penis can inhibit their ability to have sex.  Men with smaller penises may find it hard to have sex in certain positions or in extreme cases such as Micropenis where the penis can be less the two inches long whilst erect, they could find sex extremely difficult or perhaps even impossible.

Again, in the case of men who suffer from the condition Micropenis, there may well be some difficulty trying to urinate whilst standing.  The inability to do perform this task which for most men is natural and taken for granted, can have immense psychological effects on a man.

Psychological Effects

Psychological EffectsIt has been shown in several studies that men often place much importance on being able to satisfy their partners during sex.  The length of their penis has a direct link to this satisfaction in their mind; therefore if a man believes his penis is too short to pleasure his partner, other psychological problems may arise.

Fear of not being able to gratify their partner and low self-confidence could lead to performance anxiety induced erectile dysfunction.  It is also common for men in this situation to become depressed because of the impact it has on their lives.  Depression, without a doubt will affect every part of a man’s life, not just his sex life.

Emotionally some men can become closed off in order to keep a distance from anyone who might ridicule them for having a small penis.  Failure to be able to go outside this fear and form proper relationships would obviously have a negative impact on anybody’s life.  This is exacerbated by the fact that many men do not know how to talk about the problem and are even too embarrassed to go to the doctors about it.  This severe anxiety and embarrassment can lead to irrational decisions being made to not talk to the doctor about other health issues where an exam may be needed, meaning the man’s overall health could be put at risk.


Fortunately there is now a wide variety of treatments that can help men with small penises without having to undergo dangerous surgery which carries many risks and the chance of even making the penis smaller should something go wrong.

The most popular choices for men to enlarge their penis are male enhancement pills and penis extender devices.

Male enhancement pills can be effective to enlarge the penis because they work to increase blood flow to the chambers within the penis.  As there is more blood, the penis expands more than it would normally during erection.

Some pills can be taken just before intercourse to assist with the erection process whilst others are taken daily over a period of time to ensure that the man will be able to perform whenever he needs to.

The main object of the pills are really to help with erectile dysfunction, however a popular side effect of taking them happens to be a larger erection.  Should the man stop taking the pills, all effects ware off and the penis returns to its normal size, therefore to take such pills to simply enlarge the penis when there is not actually any kind of sexual dysfunction could be quite costly if a man would like lasting results, which most do.

Penis Traction Device and PumpPenis extender devices are probably the most popular and safest way to enlarge the penis permanently.  The device is placed on the penis and gently exerts a force of pressure which stretches the penis at a certain angle.  This stretching causes minuscule tears to form in the penis tissue, although these tears cannot be seen or felt by the user.  Once the tears form, the body heals itself by generating healthy skin tissue to fill in the gaps and as this happens, the penis increases in size.

The method used for the devices is known as traction and has been used for centuries all around the world in all sorts of situations including modern day medicine.

Although the penis extender devices work mainly to enlarge the penis, they also benefit those who suffer from penile curvature.  In addition to this, the regeneration of new skin tissue promotes improved blood circulation in the area which has a positive impact on erections, making them stronger and helping them to remain this way for a longer length of time.

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