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Five Tips to Encourage Penis Enlargement Success


Undergoing any sort of body modification can be difficult and time consuming. Whether you’re trying to tone your muscle, lose unwanted weight of enlarge your penis, each of these takes time for true results to happen and the road to success isn’t exactly easy. But these lofty goals are well worth the work which is why methods to attain them remain so popular. When you want to succeed, hard work is seldom enough. But these five simple tips will give you the edge you need to make the most of your enlargement program.

Do Your Homework

Before you choose any penis enlargement be sure you spend some time doing a bit of research. While there are many models to choose from and most have a similar design, it’s important to compare models you are considering very carefully. User comfort is one of the most important factors so check out websites, reviews, message boards and forums to learn about what men say about specific models and brands. If you can’t find enough information on a model you’re interested in, create a thread in a related forum or message board and ask members to weigh in and help with their experience, stories and advice.

Set Realistic Goals

Understand just how much help a penis enlargement can actually provide. While studies have found that a well made, high-quality device can help in adding length, no device in the world can deliver “monster results”, so to speak. Take the time to measure your penis length in both its flaccid and erect state and then compare it to national averages. While many men think the average penis measures in at around 7 inches, the truth is that, on average, an erect penis measures around 5.5 inches. That’s not to say a man with an average penis can’t still benefit from enlargement, but take a moment to set a reasonable and attainable goal for yourself.

Understand the Commitment

Penis enlargement takes time. It’s just that simple. Wearing the device once or twice will leave you feeling sore but with nothing to show for it. Most devices need to be worn for several hours per session and, in some cases, you’ll need to wear it daily in the beginning. Special massage techniques can also help boost the efficacy of your device as a warm massage can help limber up the tissues, making them more pliable and improving their ability to recover from the enlargement process.

Make it a Part of Your Schedule

scheduleToo often, men underestimate how much time they’ll need to spend on the entire enlargement routine. Once you add up the time it takes for a warm-up massage, another massage after the device has been worn and wearing time in general, it can be a substantial commitment. Take the time to list your enlargement routine, including activities involving enlargement devices and any extra exercises or other methods you may be adding on. Then integrate it into your schedule. For some men, this may mean waking up earlier or rearranging their evening time. The sooner you make it a part of your schedule, the sooner it will become a true habit, increasing your chance of success.

Track Your Progress

Waiting for results is perhaps the most frustrating part of any penis enlargement program. Results can take a while to appear since the trick of successful enlargement requires pressure over a long period of time. Make a habit of measuring your flaccid and erect state on a regular basis. There are spreadsheet templates available online for those who want to be able to graph their process, but keeping track with pencil and paper can be just as effective.

These tips can help make your enlargement process safe and effective. While results do vary from one person to the next, these steps give you an advantage by addressing the most frustrating aspects of enlargement. This sets you up for success and will make your investment in enlargement well worth your time, energy and money.

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