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Genetics, Age, and Penis Size

Genetics and age play a large role is our lives.  They determine just about everything in how our bodies develop and change over the years.  Naturally, this includes penis size.  How do genetics and age impact the size of the penis?  What can you do about it if you don’t like the outcome?  Well, that’s where penis enlargement devices like the Quick Extender Pro come in.

We talked a little bit about how certain hormones can affect the size of the penis during pregnancy in an earlier article.  If those hormones are present and normal, then genetics takes over.  Penis size is determined by genetics before you’re born, and that determination comes from both the father and the mother.  Because no sperm is identical, penis size will differ from child to child.  Brothers may very well have different penis sizes that no one has control over.

Age plays another part in penis size, of course.  However, while men know that their penis size will change during adolescence, many do not know that the penis actually keeps growing during their twenties, too.  In fact, you may not end up with your full penis size until you’re 30 or even a bit older.  There’s no magic age where the penis stops growing, but you shouldn’t get too depressed if you’re in your early twenties and are still a bit small.  Remember, you can always use the Quick Extender Pro penis extender to increase your length, even if your penis hasn’t stopped growing.

While growing up with a small penis doesn’t mean you’ll always be small, it does mean you might have to do a bit of work to gain those extra inches.  Using the Quick Extender Pro is one safe way of permanently adding length without dealing with risky surgery or nerve damaging exercises.  It’s safe, easy to use, permanent and very affordable.

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In my good old days I had a good length of 215mm and circumference of 120mm. I am now 64 years old and the length has shrunk to 155mm but the circumference is about the same. Is that normal?