Quick Extender Pro

Getting Ready to Use the Quick Extender Pro

Before you start using the Quick Extender Pro, you do need to make some preparations.  While there’s not a large amount of things you have to do, you do need to make some beginning measurements and create your plan of action in order to meet these goals.  If you do this before you begin, you’ll find that you see exactly how much progress you’re making and you’re more motivated to continue using the Quick Extender Pro.

The best way to use the Quick Extender Pro is to think of it like any other type of exercise routine.  While it’s not something you’re actively doing, like saying you want to do a hundred sit-ups a day, it is dedicating a certain amount of time a day to increasing the size of your penis.  It is, basically, working to enlarge a muscle, just like a workout is.  With that in mind, you want to set goals and create a routine you’ll be able to stick to.

Setting goals is very important

It gives you something to work for, which helps create motivation.  It also gives you a way of measuring how successful the Quick Extender Pro is for you.  What your goals are is up to you.  You might want to hit a specific length, or you might want to gain a certain amount of length every couple of months.  It’s up to you.  Remember that it helps to set several short-term goals in addition to one long-term goal so you can re-evaluate your program as you go.  Achieving these short-term goals also helps boost your confidence level, too.

You also have to decide on your schedule.  Ideally, you’ll be able to set aside some time every day to use the Quick Extender Pro.  The difficulty is that this time generally needs to be time when your home by yourself and know you won’t be disturbed.  A good schedule is stable and incorporates a good starting and ending time, but it’s also flexible enough that you can bump your Quick Extender Pro time back a few hours if need be.  You may have to skip a day here and there, too, so the schedule should be able to incorporate that as well.  The main idea behind making a schedule is that you don’t go a week or more without using the Quick Extender Pro.

Of course, once you’ve made this schedule and set your goals, you’ve got to stick to it!  Fortunately, if you’ve set realistic goals and stick to your schedule, you’ll see results.

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