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How to Achieve Optimum Results With an Extender Device

Men all over the world have a very close relationship with their penis.  On some level, whether conscious or not, the penis holds a direct link to a man’s perceived masculinity.  It is not surprising then, that men who believe their penis is too small or who experience problems during sexual intercourse, or other penile functions because of its size, seek help for the matter.

Average Penis Length

Measuring Your PenisIn the past, it was believed that the average penis size was six and a half inches or more.  This news probably alarmed the vast majority of men as the latest study shows that in actual fact, the average penis length is between 5.5 and 5.9 inches long.   The error seems to have been the result of men measuring their own penises incorrectly.

Whilst the fact will come as good news for some men, many others will still find be dissatisfied with their penis, and crave another couple of inches.

Penis Extender Device

Heralded as being the safest way to enlarge the penis, extender devices have become increasingly popular with men all over the world who would like to enlarge their penis for whatever reason.

Devices may look slightly different, perhaps with the materials used or the colour and design but essentially they all work in the same way.  The idea is to stretch the penis to a point where the tissue falters and breaks.  The body then repairs these faults with healthy tissue that elongates the penis.

This method is often chosen over other methods such as:

  • Surgery
  • Male enhancement pills
  • Penis enlargement exercises

This is because; unlike surgery the extender device is safe to use and doesn’t carry any risks such as making the penis smaller or contracting an allergic reaction to anaesthetic.  Also, penis enlargement by male enhancement pills, if it happens at all is really just a bi-product from the increased levels of blood being held in the penis.  This is not permanent, whereas the new tissue formed from the use of the extender device will remain forever.  Lastly, the extender device is extremely easy to use and does all the hard work for the man while he goes about his daily business.  This is not true in the case of penis exercises that claim to enlarge the penis.  Firstly, men would have to take time out of their schedule to perform the exercises and then they would have to repeat them regularly for weeks on end before seeing any results.  Unsurprisingly, many cannot find the dedication to do this and the exercises fail.

Best Results

Once the decision has been made to use an extender device, there are certain ways to ensure the very best results are had.

  • Choosing the correct device – Although the idea is the same for all devices, not all penis extenders on today’s market are safe to use.  The ones that are have been tested by numerous professional organisations and clinically proved.  It is these devices that should be chosen.
  • Follow instructions – Each device will come with detailed instructions outlining the proper way to use it.  When dealing with such a sensitive part of the body, it is vital that these instructions be followed exactly.  Failure to do so may result in damage to the penis and/or pain.
  • Wearing the device for the correct amount of time – Penis extenders are to be used for a specific amount of time.  This pertains to the individual’s circumstances.  If the device is worn for a longer or shorter period of time than suggested, results could be minimal or in the worst case scenario, serious damage could be caused to the penis.  There should be breaks in between the hours that the device is worn.  These intervals are just as important as the wearing of the device as it is during them that the body starts the healing process by increasing blood circulation and flow as well as regenerating new tissue.
  • Wearing the device in the day – Although this is mainly a personal choice, wearing the device in the day or when the man is most active is often the best solution.  This is simply because the user is able to continue his daily routine normally, taking the focus from the device.  With a good device, it will not be noticeable so there will be no embarrassment.  Also by wearing it when the man is alert, he will be able to act decisively should anything untoward happen or if the extender is uncomfortable.  This would not be possible if he were to accidentally fall to sleep whilst wearing the device.
  • Keep the device clean – It stands to reason that anything placed on the penis would need to be kept clean at all times, especially with such a thing as an extender device as it is worn for considerable time.  Cleaning the device with a simple solution of water, alcohol and certain soaps at the end of each day will eliminate any risk of infection or soreness. (more information about cleaning your extender device)
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