How Penis Size is Determined

All men want to have a bigger penis. It doesn’t matter if they have a micro-penis or a normal sized penis; they always want to do better. It’s a good trait to have because everybody should be looking towards self-improvement, but whilst there are countless penis enlargement treatments available for people to take advantage of, nobody ever seems to know why people have smaller penises in the first place. In order to solve the problem of penis size, its first necessary to understand the problem.

What is a Small Penis?

What is a small penis?Although people want to have a bigger penis anyway, some people need it more than others. If a man has a micro-penis they could have issues developing any warm and loving relationships at all. One of the main issues with the way the 21st century works is the media has instilled in women the idea a bigger penis automatically means more pleasure during sex. Whether this is correct or incorrect is irrelevant, the fact is it’s there and it’s there to stay.

Men have to adapt to these demands, so men with bigger penises are considered to be more masculine. Those with smaller penises are not. Defining exactly what a small penis is isn’t easy. The first thing to do is to look at the average penis size of the men of the world. Obviously, it’s going to differ depending on the race and the people, but there is a rough guide to what defines a small penis. The average male penis size is currently around 6 inches, when erect. Anything which is smaller than the average penis size could be defined as having a small penis.

What about a Flaccid Penis?

The flaccid penis is a deception which puts wrongful thoughts into the minds of men. The size of the flaccid penis doesn’t mean anything. Any sexual partners are not going to be interested in this, and studies have shown the size of the penis when it’s flaccid has no impact on size when it’s erect. On the contrary, somebody could have a tiny penis when flaccid, but when the blood begins to flow and they begin to get aroused it could balloon to sizes well above the average.

When it comes to penis enlargement products, like the Quick Extender Pro, it tells people explicitly not to use it with a flaccid penis. This is the prime reason for these instructions.

How Penis Size is Determined

How penis size is determinedPenis size is primarily determined through genetics. The die is cast as soon as the man’s parents decide to have a child. If a history of big sexual organs runs in the family the chances are they will inherit that fantastic trait, whereas if the opposite is true the chances of having a larger sexual organ are much lower.

The current theory scientists have is centered on a specific hormone in the body. This hormone supposedly indicates the potential for penis growth. Take note, it only takes into account the potential for penis growth. There are no guarantees of ever achieving this potential, and most men never do achieve their potential because the right amount of blood won’t flow into the penis. This is the main contributor, and it’s led to a number of hormone products coming onto the market.

As already mentioned, this is the mere potential for penis growth. The active factors which can be changed are diet and the environment. Think of it in the same manner as a building. To build a building bricks are required. The bricks of the body come in the form of protein and sugars. Without these proteins and sugars it’s going to lead to a smaller penis. The same principles apply to people in the third world who have their growth stunted. Eating a diet high in protein from an early age will provide the resources the body needs to fulfill that potential.

Can You Change Anything?

Once men get to a certain age they stop growing, and when they get older their limbs shrink slightly. To put it simply, nothing can be done about this on a natural level. Simply changing a diet in the middle of adulthood won’t lead to an increased penis size, it will make the man healthier, and could add some sexual stamina, but it won’t increase anything physically.

No, the only way to obtain penis enlargement is to obtain a penis extender. It’s the only device which has been scientifically proven to increase the size of the penis. Countless studies have been carried out and health-care professionals are now officially endorsing these products. The way they work is through physically manipulating the body’s natural functions.

Traction is used to stretch the penis until small micro-tears are formed in the tissue. Once the cells replicate, the penis gains more tissue and thus gains a boost in size. It’s not using the natural growth processes because this just isn’t possible once adulthood is reached. The point is using a penis enlargement device is the only way to conduct this process in a safe and secure manner, which will last in the long term.

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