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Is Quick Extender Pro the Best Penis Extender Device?

Best penis extender device

Although surgery may provide the quickest route for penis enlargement, it comes with a multitude of risks and no guarantee of success. And on top of that, it also costs a whole lot more. A penis extender is a safe and medically proven alternative to enhance your penis and at the same time, it will not create a hole in your pocket, so to speak.

Penis extender devices are generally designed based on one common principle, which is to stretch the penis. Penis extenders are medically supported by urologists as a safe, easy and effective way to enhance the penis by way of gently pulling the penis over a fixed period of time. The penis extender device is based on the ancient technique called Jelqing; which is essentially a hand exercise that uses repeated stroking and pulling of the penis with the aim of increasing blood flow to the penis. Although Jelqing has been used over many generations and across different cultures, it is a painstakingly laborious way to stretch the penis.

Penis Extenders

The stretching mechanism employed in penis extenders is called traction control. And the penis responds very well to the traction. What this means is that the constant ‘pulling’ and stretching causes tiny microscopic tears along the penile tissues and as part of the repair process, new tissue cells replicate to create a longer penis.

The Corpora Cavernosa is the portion of the penis that holds blood during penile erection. This is the part of the penis that is being stretched. When the Corpora Cavernosa is larger, this translates to a larger area where more blood can flow. When there is more blood volume, the penis is able to fill it with more blood, so it will be firmer, giving you a harder erection.

For the majority of penis extenders, they have been designed to be discreet. This gives the user opportunity to wear the device for a set period of time without the worry of being noticed. Another plus point to look out for when considering such a device is in its comfort level. Having a “gadget” attached to your penis for prolonged periods may seem like a daunting thought. So the last thing you want to worry about is the constant reminder of being latched on to something on the most sensitive part of your body. There is nothing worse that feeling persistent pain and discomfort for the sake of endowment!

The Quick Extender Pro

How would any man figure out the best penis extender to purchase when there are so many choices available? In order to guarantee success, it is recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s instruction. In all different brands of penis extenders, manufactures endorse users to wear the device for a set time – usually for several months. Sometimes users experience pain and soreness from wearing the device for such an extensive period.

For product differentiation, the Quick Extender Pro stands out above other penis extender devices currently available. The Quick Extender Pro has been meticulously engineered to deliver comfort as their number one criteria. This product has the unique double strap system and large comfortable pads to provide proper support when the device is attached to the penis.

The penis is securely attached to the Quick Extender Pro via the use of two medical grade silicone tubes to hold the penis head and shaft. The tubes are positioned to provide equal pressure distribution along the penis. With the double straps, users need not be concerned about the device slipping. Single strap devices can lead to slippage and require adjustment; and at times it may constrict blood flowing to the penis which can potentially counteract the process of enlargement.

Silicone tubes provide a higher level of hygiene, potentially eliminating bad odours and bacterial infection (as a result of being clammy). The double support has been proven to provide three times longer wearing capability over other brands. The provision of a comfortable and secure device means that users are wearing the Quick Extender Pro for much longer periods, which translates to quicker penile enlargement results. In summary, the Quick Extender Pro is the best penis extender device in the marketplace.

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