Penis Enlargement

Looking for Penis Enlargement Options? Forget About Pearling


The world of penis enlargement continues to grow by leaps and bounds thanks to research, clinical studies and a whole new approach to enlargement. From at home devices to cutting edge surgical techniques, there are now more options than ever before when it comes to penis enlargement.

One technique that has people talking is pearling. Simply put, pearling isn’t about increasing length or girth per se, it’s more about body modification intended to improve sexual satisfaction for both partners. The process involves inserting pearls made from silicone or another surgical grade material into the penis itself. This creates a bumped and textured surface that is meant to be more stimulating for a man’s partners. The pearls are also supposed to improve sensation for the man, as well. Pearling is also advocated as a way to enlarge the penis in terms of girth since the pearls do increase the overall circumference of the penis.

At first glance, pearling may sound like any other type of body modification. After all, people have been inserting various materials into their body for years. From silicone breast implants to exaggerated cranial ridges and even horns, people have been finding ways to enhance their appearance through surgery for a long time.

Experts in male health have a different impression of pearling, though. In fact, experts agree that penile pearling is not only just a bad idea – it can easily become incredibly dangerous. In fact, the practice can lead to major problems, including long-term problems with a man’s urethra and sexual performance.

The practice of pearling is widespread and well known in countries like Cuba, Japan and Taiwan. In each country, the local belief is that a man with pearls in his penis is a better lover and more likely to attract desirable partners. The reality, however, is very different.

In many of these countries, men do their own pearling. They approach the project like a Do It Yourself piercing since the pearling process is fairly simple. It involves making a small incision on the penile shaft and inserting the pearl and then allowing the penis to heal around the pearl. While this sounds fairly simple, the fact is, many DIY pearling jobs end in infections or other complications.

Experts warn that men who have their penis pearled at home are more likely to end up having problems with the pearls impairing their ability to urinate since the urethra is often squeezed by the pearls as the penis heals. Other potential problems include impotence, pain during sex and the potential for scar tissue to build up and alter the shape of the penis even farther.

Is it possible to undergo pearling without risking your penile health? Possibly. Some body modification professionals have developed methods to offer pearling that are safe, but even they don’t make any guarantees when it comes to penis enlargement. After all, pearling isn’t designed to alter length; it was originally developed only to make sex more pleasurable for a man’s partner. So claims that the practice will result in penis enlargement are usually nothing more than overblown sales hype.

Ultimately, pearling is little more than an extreme form of body modification. As such, it does come with a number of potential side effects and complications which should be carefully considered before choosing to undergo the procedure. Removing the pearls can also be painful and carries the risk of increasing scar tissue, making it something which simply isn’t a good idea for most men. It is an especially bad choice for men who want to achieve greater length or girth, which rules it out as a viable option for healthy and long-term penis enlargement.

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