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Losing your motivation when using a penis extender

One of the challenges with using any penile extender product is sticking with it.  When using a device like the Quick Extender Pro, you have to keep at it or it just won’t be effective.  There are a number of different things you can do to keep up your motivation.  There are also some things you have to be careful about not doing because they can de-motivate you.

One of these things is measuring.  Sure, you want to see how much progress you’re making, but one of the biggest mistakes new users of the Quick Extender Pro make is measuring too often and at the wrong times.  Gaining inches doesn’t just happen overnight, and if you start measuring after every session, you won’t see much of an increase.  It’s recommended that you measure no more than once every couple of weeks.  Another problem is measuring at the wrong time.  You want to measure when your erection is full and at its hardest; if you’re not at your hardest, you won’t see any gain.

Another thing that can cause you to lose your motivation is going through a week or two of just not having the time to use the Quick Extender Pro.  You might start to think that since you haven’t had the time to use the product, you’ve lost all your progress and have to start all over.  That can be very disappointing.  However, that’s not a concern.  You never lose your progress with the Quick Extender Pro.  Even if you stop using it completely for a week or so, it’s okay; you can still pick up right where you left off.  Remember, too, that you don’t have to use the Quick Extender Pro every day.  There are several different plans you can use, and some don’t require that much of a time commitment.

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