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Maximizing Blood Flow for Penis Enlargement

If you’ve used a penis enlargement device like the Quick Extender Pro you may already know that increased blood flow does wonders Maximizing Blood Flow for penis enlargementto help the process along. As a matter of fact, increased blood flow is the whole theory behind prescribing a penis pump for men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). Blood flow is crucial because it is responsible not only for the male erection, but also for the normal function of tissue creation. Without proper blood flow we would not be able to build muscle mass, repair wound damage, fight off sickness, and so on.

The primary benefit of proper blood flow comes by way of both oxygen levels and nutrition. Both of these things are necessary if the various tissues in our body are to be properly fed. In other words, the various cells throughout your body all need food and oxygen to survive. Blood carries both of them throughout the body, and to the individual cells.

Blood Flow and Tissue Building

It’s important to realise that, penis enlargement aside, that the body is constantly regenerating new tissue to replace that which dies off. Think of it in terms of the grass in your yard. You may cut it on Saturday only to find that it grows right back and is in need of another mowing 5 to 7 days later. The grass you cut off with the mower blade needs to be replaced by new stuff underneath. That’s exactly how the human body works.

Human tissue is constantly dying off and being replaced by new tissue. In order for tissue production to take place blood needs to carry nutrients and oxygen to the “construction site.” It stands to reason that reduced blood flow would slow down tissue production and increased blood flow would speed things up. This is one of the primary reasons why bodybuilders take supplements that increase nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide opens up the blood vessels and promotes maximum blood flow.

Penis Enlargement Is Based on Tissue Production

If you’re using a penis enlargement device like the Quick Extender Pro you’re using a device that depends upon tissue production for its success. Unlike some pills, lotions, and pumps, the Quick Extender Pro and other similar traction devices actually stress the tissue of the penis in order to encourage tissue growth. Again, we’ll use the example of bodybuilding to illustrate what we mean.

bodybuildingIn order for a bodybuilder to get the sculpted physique he’s after he must apply specific kinds of stress to specific groups of muscles. That stress causes tiny tears in muscle tissue that need to be repaired. The normal tissue production process does just that by creating new tissue to fill in the gaps left by the tears. All of this is done at the microscopic level and can’t be observed in real time by the human eye. This is the same principle by which a traction device increases the size of the penis.

Just as the bodybuilder uses the weight room to stress his muscles, the Quick Extender Pro user is applying stress to the spongy tissue of the penis. It is a gentle stress, to be sure, but a stress nonetheless. Over time that stress produces added length and girth through normal tissue production.

Combining Traction and Increased Blood Flow

Bodybuilders want to increase blood flow because it aids in muscle recovery and allows mass to be built more quickly. Therefore, it stands to reason that increased blood flow would help maximize the effects of penis enlargement as well. And in fact, it does. As blood flow increases it enables the body to create more tissue at a faster pace. That’s why men who use a traction device notice that they’re adding size much more quickly the longer they use the product.

You can increase blood flow to enhance your penis enlargement program through several means. You might want to try:

  • Jelqing Exercises – Jelqing exercises are a great way to enhance the effectiveness of traction because they promote blood flow through manual stimulation. The exercises are safe, easy to do, and effective. You can find information on jelqing techniques all over the Internet.
  • Male Enhancement Formulas – There are quite a number of male enhancement formulas on the market designed to do several things, including increasing cardiovascular function. One of the better options is known as Rizer XL. Taken once daily, this supplement has a whole host of benefits for male sexual performance and enhancement.
  • Diet and Exercise – Obviously, adopting a healthy diet and a daily exercise regimen will increase cardiovascular function and improve your health all the way around. The best thing is you can accomplish both without investing your life savings in new products. Go online for information about healthy eating habits and developing an appropriate exercise routine.

With improved blood flow you’ll realise the maximum benefit from your penis enlargement device. You’ll also experience better health. What’s not to love about that?

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