Jelquing vs. Penis Extender Systems

There are currently two dominating effective and non evasive approaches to penis enlargement. This article is not aimed at proving the effectiveness of these two approaches, but of comparing the convenience and strengths of both techniques.

The first and most common technique is known as jelqing. The jelquing technique is a method that has been around for several years. It is basically the act of manipulating your penis size through the use of specific manual hand massages over the penis. The second method is based on a mechanical device known as the penis extender, a device worn on the body throughout the day designed to promote tissue growth. Both methods in their own right offer plenty of benefits and this article will aim to shed some light on which is the best method for a man looking for a safe alternative to penis enlargement surgery.

Jelquing techniques can be found in books, internet websites and videos. The difference between techniques really lies with the author. Because there is so much material that can be found on the subject, and because jelquing is not an exact science, the hundreds of authors who publish material all have a different take on which technique works and doesn’t. Jelquing can be a hit or miss technique and finding the right method for you can take several years to notice even the slightest change. This method is not without risk and because the process takes extended time periods, reports have surfaced showing damage can be inflicted to the body indirectly. If the jelqing technique is performed incorrectly it can lead to serious side effects. These side effects include the inability to attain an erection and constant flaccidness over time. If ever you reach this point it will still be possible to attain an erection using prescription medication such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis or alternatively purchasing an herbal supplement such as Rizer XL. By following a proven jelquing technique great benefits can be awarded for your efforts. Some men have reported gains of 1-2 inches in length without any damage to the body. One of the main drawbacks of jelquing is it can take up a lot of your time. You would have to allocate 1-2 hours out of your day for months in order to start seeing any kind of gains in size.

The next most popular method is known as a penis extender. The penis extender device was developed by medical professionals and was designed to be worn daily. The penis extender was first designed to help correct penile curvature with a side effect of penis enlargement. Through the act of constant force (controlled penile traction) cellular growth is promoted thus creating new penis tissue. I won’t be going into the details as proven results can be found in medical journals and online. The penis extender brings a level of convenience which far surpasses the time consuming jelquing technique. The extender system gives the user the freedom to get great results during the day and night. You can wear the device at work, during errands or even leisure time. Penis extender systems like these offer a greater range of flexibility, convenience and comfort targeted towards men with busy lives and even busier schedules. When used as instructed gains can reach between 2-4 inches in length and unlike jelqing, increase penis girth as well.

Both techniques can provide tremendous results when used as properly instructed. Whichever technique you chose, be sure to properly research what is offered and how it is performed to see if it can fit your lifestyle.

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