Penis Enlargement Questions and Answers

Is Penis Enlargement a Concern for Weight Lifters?

Weight Lifters

When it comes to professional sport, weight lifting is perhaps as masculine as it gets. Body building by means of weight lifting is a commonly enjoyed exercise that many men participate in, whether it’s professionally or recreationally. It’s a very versatile activity to improve looks as well as fitness and health in general. This exercise can be completed on a low level or easily increased for those who want to take the activity and results even further.

As a form of exercise, weight lifting is an excellent way to increase physical fitness and can be used to give a bulkier, or more built, muscular appearance. However, as men get bigger keeping a proportionate body can be a concern.

If only one area of the body is focused on to increase strength and size, an unbalanced appearance can happen. As a result of increased muscle size, men often become concerned with their penis size. It may seem like the penis becomes smaller, or less proportionate to the body, when increased muscle mass is built. In reality the penis size does remain the same.

Does Size Really Matter?

This is a question that all men have asked themselves at some point. Studies and polls have been completed to try to discover the true answer and the results tend to vary, but lean toward the idea that yes, size really does matter. The extent it matters is an even more grey area. Many people boast that technique matters far more than size when it comes to sexual pleasure, which can be true, but size seems to matter also.

Studies completed on women’s opinion of penis size seem to conclude size only matters in relation to the proportions of the man. The bigger the man, the smaller the penis may appear, even if it is about the same size as the penis on a smaller man because of the visual effect a bigger body has on penis size. This has lead to concerns for body builders, who begin seeking out penis enlargement options to maintain a proportionate overall appearance.

Another potential issue brought on by body building is the ability to thrust during sexual activity. Men that are overweight or have larger bellies and thighs may also have this concern. The extra weight or muscle mass can inhibit the man’s ability to thrust as easily and deeply than he was able to previously, or that a smaller man may be capable of—having a direct impact on the sexual pleasure of both partners. In many cases, extra length on the penis can help alleviate this problem so it is no longer a concern.

While fitness does help improve looks, improving how a person feels is an even stronger benefit. People who routinely exercise tend to feel better overall and engage in a greater variety of activities as a result, including a more active sex life. When sex life becomes impacted negatively by something that should be positive, increasing size can return the man’s sex life to normal or increase the pleasure experienced. In most cases, it doesn’t take much to restore a balanced appearance to the body by means of penis enlargement. The increased size can also help boost self-esteem and confidence, which has an even bigger impact on sexual performance and enjoyment than the length or width of the penis. This allows the man to more readily try new things or more complicated sexual positions. When confidence is low, sex life tends to remain boring, regardless of the size of the penis.

Finding Balance

When a disproportioned body becomes a concern for a body builder, the man can suffer from decreased sexual pleasure and confidence. However, simple penis enlargement technique can offset these side effects of weight lifting, allowing the man to have the health and mental benefits of the activity without sacrificing sexual health, as well.

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