Penis Enlargement In a Relationship

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a longer, fuller penis? We’ve all heard stories about how “size matters” to a woman, and we’ve all been curious as to what it would be like to be able to satisfy our partners with more size. That’s all well and good. But if you’re thinking of undertaking some sort of penis enlargement don’t forget to include your partner in that decision. A larger and fuller penis will affect her too; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Before you begin a penis enlargement program here are some interesting facts to consider (data supplied by the Kinsey Institute):

  • The average penis measures 1-4 inches when flaccid
  • The average erect penis measures 5-7 inches; circumference is typically 4-6 inches
  • A smaller flaccid size is not necessarily indicative of a small erect size

Penis Size Is Relative

An interesting study conducted by two doctors from the UK surveyed, among other things, the opinion heterosexual males had of their own penis size. Almost 12% of the 52,000 respondents believed they were too small despite the fact that only about 0.6% of all men are clinically categorized as having micro-penises (a flaccid length of 2.7 inches or less). The study suggests that the perception of not being big enough is relative to each individual male.

In addition, females tend to take the exact opposite view of the men in their lives. A survey of heterosexual females found that the vast majority believe there partner’s size is just right. The survey did not ask whether the females thought their partners were large, medium-sized, or small; it simply asked whether they believed the size was adequate. It is possible that women who have only experienced smaller penises would change their minds if exposed to larger sizes.

Agreeing to Go for It

Should you and your partner agree to extending your penis size, by all means go for it! You might decide together what your eventual goal is so that both of you are as pleased as possible. Keep in mind that once you reach the size you’re after you may need some practice to learn how to engage in sexual intercourse without causing pain. Remember that the female organs have different sizes as well. You may extend your penis to a length that is bigger than your partner, so you’ll have to learn to accommodate that.

If you’re single, the decision of natural penis enlargement is all your own. But you also need to be aware of the same things regarding females. Some women will be able to accommodate more size while others won’t. With a larger and longer penis you’ll need to take it slow with each new partner until you find out how she will react.

Penis Enlargement Over The Centuries

Among the more common ancient methods of penis enlargement are:

  • Using Stones As Weights – Indian Sadhus men have used stones to elongate their penises for centuries. The stones are tied to the penis to add weight that stretches the tissue throughout the course of the day. Exactly how much weight is used, and for how long it’s warm, we can’t say.
  • Jelqing – The Arabs have been credited with creating something called Jelqing. This is a technique men practice using nothing more than their hands. It involves a process of “milking” the penis, thereby forcing blood flow and stretching the underlying tissue.
  • Snake Bites – Believe it or not men in Brazil’s Topamina tribe use poisonous snakes to add size. They encouraged the snakes to bite the penis with the expectation that the subsequent swelling will give them additional size. This practice is obviously dangerous and, unfortunately, the results only last about six months.

Today, the penis traction device uses similar principles and has been proven quite effective. Rather than tying weights to the member an individual uses a device which applies a steady but gentle stretching to the penis. Like the weight method, traction causes microscopic tears in the underlying tissue which are repaired by the body’s natural healing processes. As the tissue is rebuilt, length and girth are added.

If having a longer andlarger penis is a goal of yours there’s nothing wrong with that desire. If you decide to buy a traction device consider one with a proven track record of safety and efficacy.

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