Penis Stretchers, Pumps and Extenders – Are They All the Same Thing?


Improving yourself is as much about research and educating yourself as it is about the work you ultimately put in. When it comes to male enhancement, that often means learning a great deal about how to human body works, the ways in which is can be physically changed and the benefits these efforts can bring.

Penis enlargement can be a difficult subject to learn about not only because it isn’t often discussed openly, but also because of the variety of products available. Companies and reviewers throw around terms like penis pumps, penis stretchers and extenders like everyone knows what they are talking about. But every day, thousands of guys explore male enhancement and penis enlargement options for the first time. For these newcomers, the terms can be confusing at best and, at worst, could end with them spending a bunch of money for something they never wanted.

Penis Stretchers, Extenders and Pumps – What’s What?

On a lot of websites that focus solely on actual penis enlargement, writers may use the words penis pumps, stretchers and extenders interchangeably. In each case they are talking about actual enlargement devices but they don’t always make that clear. Usually it is because all of the articles and information on the website is blatantly referring to penile enlargement devices and so they assume visitors will only look at those phrases in terms of enlargement.

But the truth is that in the wider male enhancement world – as well as many fetish social circles – these phrases can all mean something very different. That’s why we decided to sit down and spell things out. So settle in and be prepared to learn because some of this might come as a bit of a freaky – and possibly sexy – surprise.

Penis Stretchers

When we talk about penis stretchers on terms of natural enlargement, we are referring to traction style enlargement devices. These models elongate the penis by applying gentle but firm and steady pressure and literally stretch the penis into a longer shape. But in the broader world of sexual health and experimentation, penis stretchers can refer to devices used in BDSM scenarios. Some men get off on being stretched and flirting with pain during sex and stretching, hitting and bending the penis is one way for them to get off.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are often a topic of discussion in the world of penile enlargement and they do, in fact, increase the size of the penis. The catch with pumps is that the effects are short lived. On the bright side – they’re almost immediate. Vacuum pumps use pressure to engorge the penis thereby greatly increasing its girth. These devices are not used for long term gains but many men find them a great option for commitment free enlargement on the fly.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are a bit of a funny one. On most male and sexual enhancement websites, an article or review talking about penis extenders are almost certainly referring to the enlargement device .But, there are extenders which have nothing to do with enlargement. Sex toy companies make literal penis extenders or extensions you can slip on to completely change the shape and length of your penis. They are made with thin materials so that men can still enjoy sex, though stimulation is somewhat diminished. These are popular with couples who like to play around and experiment as well as men who sometimes suffer from premature ejaculation.

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