Reasons to Use a Penis Stretcher

Reasons to Use a Penis Stretcher

A person would be hard pushed to find a man in the world who had not contemplated what it would be like to have an extra couple of inches added to the length of his penis at some point during his life.  For most, this thought may come and go without ever reaching the point of actually needing it to be a reality.  However, for many more, the thought of needing a bigger penis can consume them every day.

Luckily, there are many options of penis enlargement today which are accessible to all men.  Some are better than others and some carry more risks than others.

The Options:

  • Exercises – Free to do at home, penis enlargement exercises are quite often men’s first consideration.  There is little medical proof supporting the method, but as it is free and the Internet is seemingly littered with success stories, most men may consider it worth a try.  Unfortunately, most experts say that any perceived enlargement using this technique is probably due to swelling from the exercises rather than actual enlargement.  Also, even supporters of the technique agree that it may take a long time before any results can be seen.  In this time, most men lose interest for fear of wasting their time and effort for nothing.
  • Surgery (Phalloplasty) – Used as a last resort, surgical methods have varying degrees of success and are beset with risks, not to mention being expensive.  Mostly, people use this method of penis enlargement only if they have a seriously small penis such as with the condition micropenis.  There are many side-effects which can render the penis useless sexually.

Reasons to Use a Penis Stretcher

  • Penis Stretchers – The penis stretcher is by far the safest method of penis enlargement.  Such devices see the penis being placed in the base of the device and held in place with a strap system.  Two bars running the length of the device (tension bars), apply even tension to the penis, stretching the head of the penis away from the body.  As the penis is stretched the tissue is put under so much tension that it tears.  These tears are too small to be seen or felt by the user and there is no pain at all.  The messages are sent to the brain to say that the body has suffered wounds.  The body compensates for these wounds by sending signals to tissue cells in the area, telling them to divide and multiply.  As this happens, new tissue is formed which bridges the gaps where the tears were.  With the tears now filled, there is more tissue, meaning more penis in both length and girth (width).

Why Choose a Penis Stretcher?

There are many benefits to using a penis stretcher, not all of which are obvious at first mention of the subject.

  • Proven – The devices use a method which has been used all over the world for thousands of years.  Traction is even used in modern day medicine to stretch and lengthen limbs of people who need it.  There are tribes which are well known to use traction to stretch different parts of their body (lips, necks, ears) as part of their tradition which goes back as far as anybody can remember.  This method is one of the only ones available which has been proven to work.
  • Safety – A penis stretching device does not use any invasive techniques at all to enlarge the penis.  Instead, it combines an age old proven method of tension to encourage the body to react in a way that makes additional tissue grow, building the length and girth of the penis up slowly.  There is no risk of infection or other dicey surgical risks.  Trustworthy devices use medical grade materials with secure systems for the straps avoiding any slippage which may cause pain.
  • Harder erections – The process which encourages the tissue growth also stimulates the blood cells in the area, meaning that when a man achieves an erection, there blood flows easily into the penis and there is more of it, making a much stronger erection.  Not only that, but the increased blood circulation could also mean a longer lasting erection.  That makes for a triple threat of increased size of the penis, stronger erections and more staying power.  What’s not to love?
  • Permanent results – The only way to reverse the effects of a penis stretcher is to cut out the tissue which has been added to build on the size of the penis.  In short, the results are permanent, which cannot be said for almost all other penis enlargement methods.  The methods that can boast this impressive fact normally come with extreme risks and disadvantages.  With a penis stretcher, these risks are not present.
  • Easy to use – One of the best things about the penis stretching device is that it can be used all day with no effort at all.  Ideally the device must be used for between six and eight hours daily for several months.  It is completely down to the user when he wears his device, but many choose to wear it throughout the day whilst they are at work.  This is completely achievable as the device cannot be seen unless wearing tight jeans of some kind.  By the time the working day is done, the device can be removed and if men do not want their partners to know about its presence, they don’t have to.
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