It’s Science! Why Size Matters

Size Matters

The debate about whether or not size matters has raged for generations. Every so often, researchers step forward with news that they’ve found evidence on how much weight women put into size and whether or not bigger is always better. Size MattersAlthough research continues on how much size matters, the fact that it does matter is now a given fact and no longer up for debate. This does not, however, mean that size is all that matters or that technique doesn’t play a part in overall sexual satisfaction. Given the fact that a man who is well endowed physically may not measure up in terms of technique and stamina, why does size continue to matter?

The Evolution of Sexual Arousal

What people find sexually attractive is, in many ways, a reflection of society and human evolution. Although some women might prefer men with dark hair and others go for the long and lanky body type, there are many underlying factors that heighten a woman’s sense of arousal on a subconscious level. Size is one of these subliminal factors and, thanks to evolution, it gives every well endowed man an advantage.

Evolutionary sociologists have researched, studied and debated over why the penis is shaped the way it is and how its overall shape and size have been a driving force in evolution. Although research continues, many scientists now believe the penis is shaped the way it is in order to make it possible to increase pregnancy and prevent other men from being able in impregnate a woman. During prehistoric times, women would often have sex with various males in order to populate the group. Many times, this resulted in one woman having multiple partners, as it were, and each man would want their own seed to fertilize her egg. Simply put, the shape of the penis forces out any other deposit left from another man. An unpleasant thought these days but, in our evolutionary history, a common occurrence.

From Cave Men to Mad Men – Why Size Matters NOW

CavemanFrom an evolutionary standpoint, size has some obvious benefits. Today’s women, however, are not tied to lives filled with procreation and random unprotected sex from men in their group. Although those times are long gone, the remnants of it remain buried deep in our subconscious. Researchers have confirmed this fact by finding that women do find greater size more attractive, provided the size is in proportion to the rest of the man’s body.

For men, this bit of evolutionary knowledge means that they can determine the perfect size they want to achieve when using a penis extender. While some men may need more length, others will find they only need a modest boost in either length or width in order to find the perfect balance between their body shape and the size of their penis.

Determining the perfect size begins by looking at your body as it is now. Using this as a foundation, it’s relatively easy to determine what penis shape will suit you best. Then it’s a question of what you need to do in order to achieve the perfect size and shape by using a penis extender or other enlargement device. A penis extender will help when it comes to gaining length but if girth is the problem, then a vacuum pump may be required.

Penis size has always been an issue when it comes to sexual performance and now science has shown it also plays a role in how attractive a man is to a woman. While in the past men have used penis extenders and enlargement devices to bulk up, they now have a better understanding as to what size will be ideal for their partners and can better plan their enlargement process. Penis extender manufacturers have also been able to make the most of this continuing research and today’s enlargement devices vary from options to help add significantly in terms of size as well as models that can give men the more modest boost they need. The result is a market where men can get targeted help in the areas they need without worrying about going too far.

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