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Seven Simple Tips for Penis Enlargement Success

Seven Simple Tips for Penis Enlargement Success

Penis enlargement is increasingly popular now that there are so many devices that have proven their worth. Still, there are plenty of guys who report poor results as they undergo the process. Since the devices themselves have firm clinical research behind them, where are things falling apart? We have brought together seven of the most effective tips being traded on male enhancement websites to help men who want to do everything they can to make their penis enlargement journey a successful one.

Set Realistic Goals

One of the biggest problems many men have when it comes to penile enlargement is that they simply expect far too much. Old school advertisements and even new ones from shady companies have been known to completely exaggerate how much of an improvement men can experience. Some sites claim men can double their size and that simply isn’t realistic unless a guy measures in at an inch or less. It’s also important to know what size is best for your body type. Keep in mind the national average for penis size is around 5.5 inches when erect and while women have been found to prefer a larger, more well-endowed man, they also feel it is important that a man’s penis size be proportional to his overall body size and type.

Research Before Your Buy

There are many different kinds of penis enlargement devices and techniques available in the marketplace these days. While several studies have been done to prove the efficacy of these devices, not every device is created equal. Do some research on any device, and the company that sells it, before you start typing in that credit card number. Look for independent reviews on websites not connected to the company website. That way you will know you are getting an honest review and not one hand picked or even written directly by a company in order to boost sales.

Check Out the Instructions

A lot of men throw out the instructions for their penis enlargement device since they think they can figure it out without reading through everything. While many of these devices are designed to be user-friendly, it is still important to read through the directions so that you know how to fit it to your body properly. You can also learn about the different tension settings and how the device is designed to be worn. Some, for example, are designed with a more discrete profile so they can be worn under your clothes while others are a bit bulkier but ultimately more comfortable as they are designed to be worn while sleeping.

Look Online for Tips

In addition to checking out the instructions that come with your device, be sure to look online for tips from reviewers. Many men who review penis enlargement devices include tips and tricks which proved useful and effective. Simple things like varying the tension on a certain schedule or using massage beforehand can boost the overall efficacy of the device. These tips can be useful and keep you motivated. They are often found in reviews but they can also be found in message boards and other online forums dedicated to male enhancement in general or specifically penis enlargement.

Begin Measuring from Day One

Some men don’t bother measuring their penis until days or even weeks after they begin the enlargement process. Their thinking is that since it takes so long for results to begin to appear, it doesn’t matter if they don’t start measuring right away. But this can work against men. By measuring regularly right from the start they will be able to track progress literally the moment it begins to happen. While noticeable results do in fact take weeks or even months to appear, more subtle changes begin to appear earlier.

Remain Patient

Penis enlargement isn’t an overnight process. Effective and long-term growth can only be achieved safely when the device is able to work slowly, over a long period of time. Remain patience and stay motivated by remaining active in male enhancement communities and focusing on what you need to do in order to achieve your goals.

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