It’s About More Than Size – How Penis Enlargement Can Improve Performance

Increase Performance

When most people think about penis enlargement they assume men go through the process in order to increase their size and nothing more. While that is the most obvious benefit of the process, it’s not the only thing men gain. In fact, some men undergo the process with absolutely no real intention of increasing their size. Instead, they’re aiming to become better lovers with greater confidence and improved sensitivity.

Quality Over Quantity

Most guys already know that how well they preform is often just as important as what they have to work with in terms of penis size. They also know that the average size for guys can range anywhere from 4.5 to 5.5 inches when erect – a far cry from the 7 inch benchmark originally established in the 1950s and which continues to be promoted to a certain degree through adult entertainment and even mainstream erotica.

So for most guys quantity – or actual size – isn’t truly an issue. Sure they might be on the smaller end of average, but they’re a far cry from being “too small”. Still, more and more men are turning to enlargement. The reason many men still opt for at home penis enlargement is because by increasing their size even modestly, the increase their sexual self-esteem greatly. This results in more confidence both in and out of the bedroom which, in turn, makes them more attractive to women.

When women are asked what traits they find attractive, confidence is usually in the top three alongside a great sense of humour and the ability to listen. In fact, more and more women see charisma and confidence as a sign of true success as they know even a man with a modest bank account can be successful if he’s comfortable with himself and knows how to handle a situation.

Sensation, Libido and Enlargement

The confidence men gain by tackling any lingering issues they have regarding size can make a huge difference. The other big difference enlargement can make is in terms of sensitivity. For some men, the amount of physical pleasure they feel during sex can wane as they get older or as they become less fit. Cardiovascular health, for instance, plays a big role in overall sensation and, of course, to the blood supply to the penis. So by taking measures to improve their health, men often see an increase in their libido and overall sexual satisfaction. Incorporating low level penis enlargement enhances this further.

The process of enlargement often has the side effect of increasing overall sensitivity since it does stress the tissues of the penis. This side effect is usually just a bothersome issue men deal with as a part of enlargement but, for some, the increase in sensitivity is the goal. For these men the trick is balancing the enlargement process so that they get the boost in sensitivity without necessarily aiming for gains in length. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this including using the device at a lower setting or not wearing it for as long as they would need to in order for true enlargement. Some men even use it only right before sex so that they get the increased sensitivity right away without having to wear the device for long at all.

At the end of the day, there are a number of reasons why men might choose to undergo penis enlargement. While an increase in size is usually a positive result, it’s not always the main goal for men. Understanding how these devices can enhance sexual performance and please might be the key to helping a whole new generation of men see how these devices can be used to improve their own sex lives, even when they’re happy with their penis size.

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