Information about Micropenis

What is a Micropenis?

Have you ever asked yourself the questions “What is a Micropenis?”. Very few individuals know it, but “Micropenis” is a genuine medical term. It is a rare condition affecting very few males, but those that do suffer from it are usually diagnosed soon after birth. Basically, a micropenis is a penis that is recognisably smaller than normal, often to a large degree and if left untreated, will continue to be small into adult life, with puberty often not enough to encourage growth to a normal size.

The micropenis condition itself can be caused by numerous factors, although each are related to the development of the foetus within the womb. Certain defects or conditions can cause the penis to fail to fully develop, as can imbalances in certain bodily chemicals, such as androgen or testosterone. It can also be one of several effects of other conditions that do not directly affect the genitals, such as growth-hormone deficiency. If identified early enough, the condition can be treated even in infancy through the injection of the aforementioned imbalanced chemicals. However, such treatments rarely result in the individual going on to develop a normal-sized penis in adulthood, meaning additional methods are required.

In real terms, the likelihood of having a medically diagnosed micropenis and not knowing of it in adulthood is highly unlikely as it will almost certainly have been identified during the course of regular medical checks. In many cases, a slightly smaller than average penis is no cause for concern and can be enlarged through the use of items such as the Quick Extender Pro. Such a product works with penises of all shapes and sizes to add length in a risk-free manner using a method call penile traction.

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