Quick Extender Pro

What is the Double Strap Penis Extender?

Penis extenders work by using what is called penis traction.  Basically, the extender gently stretches the penis each day.  This stretching actually causes a number of painless, microscopic tears in the penis; to repair these tears, the body inserts new tissue to fill them.  This new tissue results in additional length.

All penis extender devices work in this same method, but only the Quick Extender Pro uses the Double Strap System.  This system uses two medical grade silicon tubes to hold and stretch your penis.  Most penis extender systems use only one tube to hold the penis to the supporting piece.  This does several things.  First, there’s a chance your penis could slip out of the device.  Second, it puts a lot of pressure on one part of your penis, which can get very uncomfortable after a while.  The only way to relieve the pressure is to remove the device or loosen it, which can then lead to slippage.  Both options slow down the enlargement process.  By using two support straps, the Quick Extender Pro avoids both of these problems.  The pressure is more evenly distributed, and there’s no slippage problem.

The Quick Extender Pro also has two comfort pads so that it can be worn for extended periods of time without any discomfort, which can give you faster results.  The comfort straps have also been designed to prevent the formation of bacteria underneath them.  These bacteria can cause everything from a bad smell to actual penile infections.  The air pockets used in these comfort pads allows perspiration to evaporate, keeping the area dry and bacteria-free.

The Quick Extender Pro is the only penis extender device on the market that features the Double Strap System.  You’ll see faster results with much less pain and hassle with it.

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