Penis Extender Questions and Answers

Who Can Use A Penis Extender Device?

Penis enlargement is a fascinating subject to all men.  Most men will admit to having fleeting thoughts of what it would be like to have a larger penis.  For some men, this thought remains and has such a strong presence in their minds that they are compelled to find a suitable method of penis enlargement.

Penis extenders

The penis extender, over the years, has come to the forefront of penis enlargement techniques.  The method of traction, which has been used for centuries to extend various parts of the body, has been proven to work.

Penis extenders are:

  • Far more affordable than surgery which is the only other proven method of penis enlargement.
  • More successful than any of the pills which supposedly enlarge the penis.
  • Proven to give permanent results.  Other methods such as gels, creams and pills, may appear to enlarge the penis.  This is because they work to improve the quality of erection and a firmer erection is undoubtedly larger.
  • Non-invasive and safe to use.

Men who would benefit from using a penis extender

Men with short penises – There may appear to be only one benefit of a penis extender device but this is not true.  The device can be used by people who wish to increase the length and girth of their penis.  The device provides results which are proportionate and completely natural looking.  This the opposite to penis enlargement surgery which can cause the penis to look deformed and may even result in shortening of the penis in extreme cases.

Men with confidence issues – Men who are experiencing psychological and emotional effects from having a short penis are able to build on their self-confidence again by increasing its size.  Studies have shown that men who believe their penis is too short (whether this is true or not) are unhappy in many aspects of their lives which are not necessarily related to sex.  Confidence which arises from them being happier with the size of their penis will have a positive effect in their attitude towards relationships in social, family and work situations.

Men who suffer from penile curvature – Penile curvature is a problem for many men.  Whilst all penises are curved to a certain degree (some are more obvious than others but the curvature is present in all penises), there are certain situations where the penis is curved so much as to make intercourse difficult and can cause the man pain.  Congenital penile curvature (present from birth) and Peyronies disease which is acquired (gained at some point during life) can be a problem for many men.  Again, there are surgeries which can help the situation but these can often result in the penis being shortened and obviously, as with any surgery there is a fair amount of risk involved. The penis extender device is a safe way to correct penile curvature, no matter what the cause.

How it works

Penis extenders use a measured amount of tension to pull and stretch the penis.  The amount of tension is firm but not enough to cause pain to the man using the device.  This tension allows the penis tissue to stretch to a point where it tears slightly.  The tears are so small that they cannot be seen or felt by the user but the appearance of them kick starts the body into trying to heal itself by filling in the gaps where the tears are.

Skin cells multiply to fill the gaps and new tissue is formed.  This new tissue adds to the length and width of the penis in a permanent, pain free and effortless way.  The penis extender device does all the work so that the men don’t have to.

In the case of Peyronie’s disease or congenital penile curvature, one side of the penis has stopped growing for whatever reason.  The side which is shorter, appears to pinch together to form a hinge whilst the other side keeps growing.  This can make gaining an erection extremely painful for a man.

The penis extender applies tension to both sides of the penis, but as one side is shorter than the other, it has more room to grow and quickly begins to catch up with the other side of the penis.  Over the course of several months, by wearing the device daily for several hours (at least six), the penis will become straighter and the man will feel no pain when gaining an erection or during intercourse.

Extra benefits

One of the most common and pleasing side-effects of the penis extender device is that the quality of a man’s erection is improved.  This is thought to be because of the blood circulation and cell activity needed to take place during the enlargement process.  As blood circulation is a huge part of achieving an erection, the increased activity can often lead to stronger erections.

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