Why Doesn’t Everyone Do Penile Exercises?

If you’ve been looking for ways of increasing your penis size, you may have come across the term jelqing.  This is a type of penile exercise that is supposed to be a really easy, all-natural and effective way of enlarging your penis.  So why doesn’t every man do this?  Well, the reason is that there are some downsides to jelqing that a lot of sites don’t tell you about.  While these exercises can, at times, actually work, there are many things that their advocates don’t always mention.

What is Jelqing?

Why Doesn’t Everyone Do Penile Exercises?The name is very odd, but the actual process isn’t too difficult.  Basically, you massage your penis with slow strokes.  It sounds like a basic process, but there are a number of things you need to know before you try it.  First of all, you have to do a warm up period where you wrap your penis in a warm cloth to increase the blood flow.  Some men want to skip over there and get right to the enlarging, but it’s a crucial step that cannot be skipped.  You also have to do this after finishing your jelqing, and again, some men skip over it.

Another issue is that some men jelq without using lubrication.  That can be dangerous if you pull too hard.  The goal here isn’t masturbation—you have to slowly perform the massage, and it’s much easier to do it with lubricant.  In fact, you don’t want to be fully erect when you’re jelqing.  You have to control your strokes and be sure you’re performing the massage correctly.  If you don’t, you’re not really going to gain anything and you could actually damage the veins and nerves in the penis.

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