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When Women Say What They Really Mean – A Freudian Slip on National TV Highlights a Very Real Marital Problem

Family Feud penis

The debate on whether or not women care about size and stamina has raged for decades but one woman put the whole issue to rest once and for all by buzzing in with a quick response on the nationally syndicated game show The Family Feud. Clips from the show have made the rounds and gone viral which has given many people a laugh but has come to also give many other pause for thought.
Steve Harvey begin each round the same way, by inviting one contestant from each family to come to the middle and answer one question as quickly as possible in order to gain control of the round. But he wasn’t expecting the answer he received when he asked Joyce and her competitor “We asked 100 married women, if you could change one part of your husband’s body, what would it be?”

Harvey had barely finished the question before Joyce buzzed in, hesitated for a second and then said “His penis”. A quick thinking camera man cut to her husband, Pete, and then back to Joyce, Harvey and the other contestant, all of whom were laughing. Peter appeared to take the answer in stride, though his wife’s over-ambitious attempts to offer an explanation seemed to only make the situation worse.

Taking a Joke and Taking the Hint

The clips from this epic answer fail has made the rounds thanks to social media and for men who receive it in their In Box, it’s seen as a light-hearted joke, but also something to think about. After all, if Joyce is thinking about it enough to blurt it out on national television, doesn’t that imply that most other women are as well?

The fact of the matter is that while many studies do prove women value quality over quantity, that preference only kicks in if their partner measures up to some degree. At the end of the day, penis enlargement can make the difference for a lot of men, including Joyce’s husband.

Of course, size isn’t the only thing that matters but that doesn’t mean men should ignore it completely. In fact, for some men, penis enlargement is more about improving their own self-image than it is about pleasing their partner. Even for men who fall well within the national averages for penis size, enlargement options can help improve their sexual confidence and self-esteem – both of which can help him to improve sexual performance.

Since penis enlargement can be so beneficial, most people wonder why it’s still seen as being so taboo. The truth is that no man wants to admit his penis may not pass muster – even if his wife doesn’t think twice about broadcasting it on television. On the up side, after Joyce gave her answer, it turned out that it was not among the top 7 answers on the Family Feud quiz, which offers some hope to men everywhere though cynics question if it would have made the Top 10.

While penis size may not be what every woman thinks of when she considers how to improve her husband, it’s clearly on the mind of many. The fact that the clip has become so popular proves that penis enlargement isn’t just for pipe dreams and daydreams – it’s a legitimate way for men to improve the way they see themselves, the way they feel and the way they relate to their wife or girlfriend. It could also turn out to be a way to avoid problems should they be planning on trying out for any game shows in the near future.

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