5 Activities You Can’t Do While Wearing a Penis Extender

Wearing a Penis Extender

Wearing a penis extender the right way means that you will have to sacrifice precious hours out of your day.

Depending on your lifestyle and obligations you may have to commit to drastic adjustments. Here are a couple of activities you simply can’t do while wearing a penis extender. If you want to get results that is.

Full Body Workouts

It’s not that penis enlargement prohibits you from doing some form of physical labor or exercising. But you can’t do everything. For example, anything that involves sitting down or laying on your back will cause discomfort no matter what penis extender you use.

You can do some curls, maybe even some pushups but don’t expect to have an easy time doing sit-ups. Chest workouts are also not recommended while wearing a penis extender.


Ordinarily, penis enlargement is advertised as being something you can do in your spare time. A more accurate description would be a workout you can do only in your free time. You can’t have your workout and go out shopping at the same time.

Getting seated in the driver’s seat can be quite uncomfortable. It doesn’t really matter if you’re wearing baggy pants or maternity pants. Sitting down creates discomfort and it also hinders the extender’s ability to pull down on your penis.

Watching Porn

The most proficient penis extenders on the market do a good job at keeping your penis in a semi-erect state.  You can see why watching porn may be detrimental to the stretching.

And it’s not just porn. Any activity that can get you aroused and cause an erection will make you feel uncomfortable. It’s quite possible to also sustain injuries if you suddenly get an erection while wearing a traction device. Especially after a few months into the penis enlargement workouts when the tension is increased.


It would’ve been nice to take a nap and wake up once the workout is done. Sadly,  it’s recommended that you stay awake while wearing a penis extender.

Furthermore, your body works and reacts differently when you’re asleep. It’s quite possible that you begin to lose blood in your penis which will cause it to go flaccid. If that happens, more often than not the extender will slip off meaning that you don’t get your workout.


This one should be obvious but let’s explain why anyway. You can’t wear tight outfits around your genitals while wearing an extender. This means going to a public swimming pool is out of the question.

But what about swimming in your own pool? Well, even if you go in commando, you still can’t perform comfortably for a number of reasons.

Final Verdict

Wearing a penis extender is easy enough to handle if you have all the facts. The process itself doesn’t require too much from you except some time investment and avoiding certain activities. Once you understand how traction devices work in tandem with gravity to stretch the penis, it’s easy enough to avoid activities that hinder the process.

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