Penis Enlargement Questions and Answers

5 Questions to Find Out if Penis Enlargement Is Right for You

Couple after penis enlargement

New methods and products for penis enlargement are making headlines all over the world. No matter what a man’s needs – or budget – there’s an option for enlargement worth investigating. From cutting edge surgical techniques to enlargement devices backed by clinical testing, there’s a method for everyone.
But does that mean enlargement is a worthwhile investment for every man? The fact is that while enlargement can be beneficial for many men, it’s not always the best course of action for everyone. These five questions will help you decide if enlargement is something you should consider.

1.    Do You NEED the Extra Length?

Many men assume they can benefit from penis enlargement because they perceive themselves as being small in comparison to other men even when this isn’t the case. Many people over-estimate the size of the average penis to be somewhere around 7 inches when erect. This widespread misconception is traced back to the first sex study conducted by Dr. Kinsey. In that first study, men self-reported their penis size and the average was around 7 inches. In later studies, researchers took measurements for themselves and found the true average size to be closer to 5 inches when erect.

2.    Does Your Penis Size Make You Self-Conscious?

It’s entirely possible that a man falls within the average for size, but still has problems when it comes to size. Sometimes a man may even find that he’s been comfortable with his size in the past but now he has a problem. This is often the case with men who work out since the rest of their body gets bigger, but their penis stays the same. If the size of your penis makes you self-conscious with partners, penis enlargement may be able to help. Even a modest gain in size can deliver the self-confidence boost many men need in order to feel more assured of themselves in and out of the bedroom.

3.    Have You Researched Enlargement Methods?

If you’ve been thinking enlargement might help then chances are you’ve already looked into some enlargement methods. Generally speaking there are two courses of action when it comes to adding length – surgery or traction devices. Surgical options can be hard to find since very few doctors offer phalloplasty and the price can be a deterrent. Traction devices are much more affordable but demand users stick to a fairly rigid schedule when it comes to wearing the device. In either case, men can expect to be undergoing the process of enlargement for roughly 6 to 8 weeks before they are able to determine how much they’ve gained.

4.    Do You Have Problems with Sexual Performance?

Enlarging the size of your penis is not an effective method for improving sexual performance and, in some cases, it can exacerbate pre-existing conditions. As a penis is being enlarged, this can make it more sensitive to stimulation. This temporary side effect is usually not a problem but it can trigger episodes of premature ejaculation in some men. This is especially true for men who have deal with chronic early ejaculation. It can also make it more difficult to achieve or maintain an erection, especially at first. While both of these side effects are temporary, they can last for several weeks.

5.    Are You Considering Enlargement to Please Someone Else?

At the end of the day, penis enlargement is like any other form of self-improvement – it’s something that should be done because YOU want it, not to please anyone else. Modifying the shape of your body is taxing physically and mentally and isn’t something you should ever undergo for someone else’s sake. Instead, decide if enlargement is something that will improve your life no matter who your partner may be. Then you’ll know that it’s something you’re doing for yourself and you’ll be more likely to stick with the enlargement process and see better results.

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