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5 Reasons Why Men Choose Penis Enlargement

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Plenty of men explore their penis enlargement options every day. For some, it’s out of curiosity and for others it’s an attempt to finally like what they see in the mirror. While the goal of penis enlargement is a common denominator, the reasons why men look into enlargement aren’t that simple. Here we’ve brought together five of the most common reasons and how men with these motivators can best achieve their goals.

All Women Want Their Guy to Pack a Good Package

The idea that women think “bigger is better” when it comes to penis size isn’t always true. In fact, several studies have found that women only prefer a larger penis when seeking casual sex or one night stands. More to the point, when it comes to penis size, every woman is different. One woman might prefer a larger sized penis while another would be completely turned off by it. If you’re looking into penis enlargement in order to be more attractive to women, consider what type of relationship you’re looking for and, more importantly, how good your performance skills are. After all, a bit of extra length won’t be any good when it comes to impressing future partners if your techniques aren’t up to snuff.

You’re Out of Proportion

Opinions on size may vary, but having a penis that is in proportion to your body is something most women do look for. Men who take up body building or who simply trim down and improve their overall fitness do sometimes find that it can make their penis appear smaller, even though its size has not changed. In these cases using traction penis enlargement devices can help boost length without compromising girth in order to make their body retain its proper proportions.

There’s a Painful Curve to Your Penis

Having a curve to your penis is completely natural but, for some men, a pronounced curve makes it difficult to enjoy sex or even achieve and erection. Extreme cases of this are diagnosed as Peyronie’s Disease. Even without an official diagnosis, men with a pronounced curve can find relief by using traction-style penis enlargement devices to lessen the curve. By using these devices, men can control how much of the curve they correct so that they can retain some curvature which – when not so pronounced – can improve sexual stamina for him and the pleasure he can give to his partner.

Outside Pressure

This is probably the worst reason men cite for wanting to look into penis enlargement. Pressure from movies, TV and adult entertainment can be difficult to avoid and hard to ignore for guys who are already sensitive about size. The fact is, people have been feeling pressure from society and entertainment when it comes to beauty and body standards for years. It’s nearly impossible to ignore but it can be combated. Learn about the real science and facts behind national and world averages for penis size and sexual performance. If you’re truly not measuring up then penis enlargement and technique improvement could help, but if the only benchmarks you’re not hitting are the ones set by Hollywood, then it may be time to unplug and reset to a healthy perspective.

Guys Don’t Know What’s Normal

In general, the average erect penis size is roughly 5.5 inches. This is a fact that surprises many people as there’s a pervasive belief that a penis should be around 7 inches. This bit of disinformation has survived over the years because penis size simply isn’t something men discuss openly and honestly. There are now many studies that look at the role size plays and the truth about average sizes. Take the time to do some research of your own so that you don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it. Not only will that give you greater confidence, it will lead you to learning more about how to improve every aspect of your sexual performance.

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