Penis Size

Is Having a Bigger Penis Better?

Is having a bigger penis better

Saying that size does not matter would be an untrue statement. It definitely matters, but it is also not everything. Having a bigger penis does not automatically make someone better
in bed. People who are considered good or great sexually usually have a combination of qualities going for them. They have either the physical prowess, the size, the stamina, intelligence, empathy, or a combination of these attributes. On top of that, they also aim to please. That is just as important as having a big penis, or a great body that attracts your sexual partners. With all that said, sometimes you have the body, the brain, along with the sex appeal, and size is your only limiting factor. When that is the case, penis enlargement could be the solution that helps you overcome your frustration.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Big or Too Small?

Penis size has always been a popular topic among men and women alike. Based on numerous studies, we can safely say that women consider penis size to be a factor of importance, but that doesn’t mean they would prefer the bigget penisr with ridiculous girth. Having a partner with a large size can be just as problematic as the other end of the spectrum. Individual considerations matter Woman and Confusionand most women prefer a penis size that is on the big side but doesn’t go to the extreme. In addition, the vast majority of them would rank girth before length in terms of importance.

Not coincidentally, people – and not necessarily just males – overestimate the average penis size. For a long time, people believed that the average male had a penis of about 7 inches in size. They based these opinions on studies that required males to report their own measurements, which – not shockingly – turned out to be an inaccurate method. People tend to lie in questionnaires in general, and males certainly, at least when it comes to this area. In reality, the average male size is around 5.5 inches. If you have a five or six-inch long penis, you really are on the average side, rather than undersized. Of course being undersized is relative, for some women, you could even be oversized with an average penis, whereas others would find even a bigger, 7-inch penis small.

While preferences can vary, we know that most women look for proportions. If the penis is proportionate to the body, that’s usually perfectly enough. Obese or very muscular males may find their proportions inadequate, and women tend to share these sentiments. An average-sized penis on a larger body will look disproportionately small, and less enticing for a female.

Should You Try Penis Enlargement?

For those males, who have an undersized penis, or it’s disproportionate relative to their body, penis enlargement can be an effective solution. However, these procedures are not quick, so if you decide to go under the knife, you could be looking at a long recovery time. On top of that, surgical procedures are quite expensive. If you are obsessed by your lack of size, you may need to reevaluate your own body. You may have a 5-6 inch long penis, and you still see it as tiny. If that is the case, you should know that you are average, and when it comes to penis size, average is actually a good thing. It means you are sexually compatible with most females.

With an average penis size, you can be great in bed if you are willing to work on all the other elements that are important in sex and quite possibly more important than size alone. Your stamina, your foreplay skills including kissing, and your body. Women love natural muscles that are not too big, and having a body like that to work with can change the whole complexity of the sexual experience for them.

The penis enlargement process can help in certain cases, and if you have a below average penis it could be the solution to your problems. Penis enlargement devices have become much more efficient in the last decade, and they can provide you real and lasting results. It may take a month or two but some improvement should be possible in most cases. Before you make your decision, carefully evaluate your options.

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