Can Food Help Increase Penis Size?

Foods to increase penis size

By now it’s no secret that nutrition is fundamental when it comes to whole body health. How a person eats can affect everything from obvious results such as their overall physical fitness, to more obscure areas, such as sexual performance. This is because we now understand every part of the human body’s health is connected to another. So what we eat not only affects our digestion or fat reserves, but also our cardiovascular health, respiratory system and even our state of mind.

This is because nutrition fuels every cell in our bodies and, as a result, we truly are what we eat. Men and women who want to improve physical fitness and stamina will often cut back on empty carbohydrates, refined sugars, excessive red meats and processed foods in favor of plant based diets that use nutrient dense foods to deliver more bang for your buck, so to speak.

This cleaner, leaner approach to nutrition results in improved health overall and increased and improved sexual performance. People who adopt a healthy, whole-foods and plant based diet report improvements in cholesterol levels, the reversal of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease and an overall improvement in vitality. Experts in the male enhancement industry have seized on this and began to wonder – can these amazing results be extended to increasing penis size?

The Science Behind Foods for Increase Penis Size

If you think the idea of what you eat increasing penis size is crazy, you’re not alone. The truth is that this is an area of science still under intense scrutiny. But the thinking behind how it can work is solid enough to merit further investigation.

Here’s the basic idea – if you eat foods that improve blood flow and stamina, you can, over time, increase the size of the penis. This is accomplished by making the most of that increase blood flow to create larger, stronger erections that you maintain over long periods of time, thus basically stretching the muscles and fibers in the shaft of the penis.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

The trick, of course, is in the part that suggests you have to maintain the erection in order to stretch the supportive tissues of the penis. When they suggest maintaining the erection, they’re talking about hours.


Obviously, this can be a bit off putting for many men. But does that mean there’s no place for nutrition in the world of penis enlargement?

A Cohesive and Cooperative Process

Nutrition can certainly play a role in penis enlargement, but not on its own. The truth is that Do It Yourself penis enlargement options rely on men to approach the process whole heartedly in order to work. So, in a way, nutrition does play an important role.

The methods clinically tested and proven to work for penis enlargement center around penile traction devices. These products essentially stretch then hold the penis in place. By exerting a small amount of pressure over a large amount of time, the devices stretch and elongate the penis safely.

Men who engage in increasing penis size usually also use other methods in order to boost the efficacy of their enlargement regime. Massages before and after using a device, for example, can make the tissue more pliable and flexible. This means the stretching process is more effective and that healing time is improved as the tissues aren’t as likely to be seriously injured.

By the same token, many men also change and improve their diets in order to improve blood flow to the penis. This increases overall performance since circulation is vital to sexual health. In terms of enlargement it can also boost the effect of a high quality enlargement device. Increasing circulation will keep the tissues of the penis healthy and well nourished, which makes a man a better candidate for traction style penis enlargement.

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