Penis Extender Questions and Answers

Can You Wear a Penis Extender During the Day?

Knowing that penis extenders work is one thing; using a penis extender the right way for effective results is a different issue entirely. Well, there are different penis extenders and each one has different instructions on how to effectively use it and the level of adherence to these instructions goes a long way in determining the attainable level of penis enlargement or whether any penis enlargement will actually be seen.

Day or Night—When is the Best Time to Wear a Penis Extender?

This is mostly a personal decision and while experts can offer suggestions, you are still responsible for the final decision on whether to wear your extender during the day or at night after reading the manufacturer’s instructions. Having mentioned that point, some of the advantages of wearing a penis extender during the day include the following:

It’s more convenient: Wearing a penis extender during the day makes penis enlargement easier. This is because you can wear it and go about other activities without actively thinking about the extender.

It’s safer: While some experts support wearing penis extenders at night, it’s actually just as safe to wear them during the day when you are more active and alert. For instance, if you should sleep off while wearing the extender at night, you run the risk of causing penile injury instead of penis enlargement because turning over in your sleep or getting tangled with the sheets can cause avoidable injuries.

It allows better pacing: For effective penis enlargement, you shouldn’t wear your penis extender for prolonged periods. The idea is that you should split the hours in which the extender would be worn. For instance, if you are supposed to wear an extender for 6 hours in a day, a good plan would be to divide the 6 hours into 3 or 4 shorter sessions. Additionally, you should rest for 5 to 30 minutes between sessions. This ensures that efficient blood flow that also plays an important role in penis enlargement is maintained.

Penis Extenders for Effective Penis Enlargement

Whether you agree or not, the size of a man’s penis goes a long way in determining how enjoyable his sex life is. A lot of men out there want to undergo penis enlargement but are unable to do so out of ignorance and sometimes, confusion. Well, to tell the truth, it’s a big maze out there when it comes to penis enlargement techniques and it’s often difficult to choose an effective one. However, you can count on penis extenders when it comes to growing your penis but you need to understand the correlation between how long you wear them and the level of penis enlargement attained.

How Penis Extenders Work

Penis extenders stimulate penis enlargement by subjecting the penis to a stretching technique known as penis traction. This mechanism basically involves the exertion of a uniform, constant pressure on the penis to cause penis enlargement. The effect of this traction is seen as an increase in the length and girth of the whole organ (penis enlargement). However, for the penis extender to be effective, it must be worn for a certain period of time because the penis enlargement is directly related to the length of time the penis extender is worn.

How Long Should You Wear a Penis Extender?

There are conflicting opinions about how long penis extenders should be worn. This is why it’s important to choose a product that has been tested and found effective and safe. While the period of time a penis extender is worn is important, you must also be careful not to overdo it because of injuries. It’s always advisable to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. With that in mind, the average time for wearing penis extenders in a day is about 4-6 hours (of course, the actual time depends on each extender).

A lot of men are scared that if they wear a penis extender during the day, everyone would know. Again this depends on the type of extender you are using. No one would be the wiser if you choose a good penis extender—except you tell them!

Choosing a Good Penis Extender

When choosing a good penis extender for penis enlargement, it’s important to keep some things in mind. The extender must be light, versatile, safe, comfortable and affordable. Admittedly, choosing a good extender through the maze of available products on the market can be daunting. However, an alternative is to go with a product that has been used by other men and has consistently produced desirable penis enlargement and with no adverse effects. The Quick Extender Pro™ conveniently fits this bill.

In conclusion, you should know that it’s possible to wear a penis extender during the day and choosing the specific hours of the day is up to you and your daily routine.

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