Can Your Diet Affect Penis Size?

Over the course of the last 20 years the United States has undergone a fundamental shift in behavior patterns based on a desire to be as healthy as possible. Under normal circumstances that is a very good thing. But new questions are beginning to emerge over whether or not America’s push to be super healthy is actually leading us to be less so. One area of discussion happens to be the subject of penis size and sexual performance among both men and women. If this sounds intriguing, keep reading.

For men one of the key hormonal ingredients for proper sexual function is testosterone. In women, it’s estrogen. Both of these hormones exist in both sexes to one degree or another, but if levels of either one are off it could have negative effects. This is why women are typically offered estrogen supplements after menopause while men are now being encouraged to take testosterone boosters. It all comes down to replacing the hormones that naturally decrease with age.

That said, what we eat can drastically affect the levels of both hormones. A diet that increases estrogen production in men can actually cause a reduction in penis size as well as a weaker libido, smaller ejaculate amounts, and poor overall performance. The opposite is true for women.

Dietary Factors Influencing Penis Size

There are three types of estrogens men are now being exposed to more than ever before. They are:

  • Phytoestrogens – these are naturally occurring chemicals that are found in a variety of plants; soybeans are good example
  • Xenoestrogens – these are synthetic estrogens used for pharmaceutical, agricultural, and industrial applications
  • Exogenous estrogens – these are estrogens introduced into various substances as byproducts of something else; they are commonly found in canned foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics

As our society has evolved into one that’s possibly hyper-concerned when it comes to health, we have tried to increase our intake of things like soybean while at the same time pressing for the most natural ingredients in everything we eat. Even in our pharmaceuticals the push has been on to make them as natural as possible. All of this is fine from the standpoint of overall good health, but it is also increased estrogen levels in men. That increased estrogen is causing a steady decline in the average size of the male penis.

According to Dr. Kevin Pazzi, author of “The Science of Sex,” research shows the average size of the male penis has been declining over the past several generations. We’re average size used to be just over 6 inches, today’s average size is closer to 5.75 inches. Dr. Pazzi believes one of the causes is the increased amounts of estrogen men are being exposed to.

What Can Be Done About It

The good news here is that men don’t have to settle for decreased penis size simply because of their age or the times we live in. Testosterone can be replaced either directly or indirectly. Indirect methods include taking natural supplements that don’t include testosterone, but encourage the body to increase production on its own. Both methods have their proponents and detractors. If increasing your testosterone level is an avenue you want to take it’s best to consult your doctor about which method is right for you.

The other thing men can do is use a penis enlargement device combined with certain types of exercises. A good device is based on the principle of traction, whereby a slow, steady pulling of the penis encourages growth of the underlying tissue. One example would be the Quick Extender Pro. These devices are worn for 6 to 8 hours per day, underneath the clothing. When used properly they are safe, comfortable, and don’t interfere with your normal routine.

Both jelqing and Kegel exercises can also go a long way to increasing the size of the penis. But they also have a secondary benefit. Both exercises help men increase their endurance and stamina, make getting and maintaining erections easier, and increase ejaculate amounts. Combined with a natural daily supplement, the exercises and a penis enlargement device can literally change who a man is.

Include Your Partner

Any man choosing to increase the size of his penis and improve his performance in the bedroom should include his partner in the decision-making process. When men don’t consult their ladies about such issues it causes their partners to feel left out and unloved. But when decisions are made together both also reap the benefits together.

When you first talk your partner don’t be surprised to hear her tell you that your size is just perfect. Also don’t assume she’s lying; she’s probably telling you the absolute truth. But if you express your desire to be larger in a logical and reasonable manner she will most likely go along with it. If your partner is willing to engage in some exercises herself she could make the results even better for both of you. The key is to trust one another and make sure you’re on the same page.

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