Can Your Diet Dictate Your Penis Size?

Can Diet Dictate Penis Size

We know that one’s dietary habits are crucial when it comes to our bodies. What and how much we eat influences most bodily processes one way or another. The human body’s systems
are linked to each other, and one problem can cause a chain reaction. Conversely, improving the separate systems can have a positive impact on the whole body. Restoring the healthy gut bacteria, for example, will help your digestion, which in turn helps your energy-balance, and likely your organ system. Some of these effects are obviously indirect, but when added up, they can have a good overall impact on the body.

Nutrition fuels everything, our organs cannot work without the energy we provide through the process of eating. If you think about this, it’s no wonder that your dietary habits are so impactful. Within our bodies, everything is connected with everything. In teenagers and young adults, dietary habits play a big part in the growing process, and that includes penis size. Natural penis enlargement takes place during puberty, usually up until the age of 18. Some people have a fully developed penis by the time they are 13, whereas others could see growth up until 18, or maybe even longer, but it is directly linked to the genetic process of puberty.

How Does Diet-Based Natural Penis Enlargement Work?

If you think that eating habits influencing penis growth is a ridiculous idea, you are not alone. The science is still a little murky on this subject, but we already know that early eating habits may have a correlation with natural growth. Several studies proved that teenagers who ate a healthy, nutrition-rich diet were more likely to reach their maximum predicted height.

Nutrition-rich diets help the body maximize its natural growth hormone secretion, a basis for undisturbed natural growth both in terms of height and penis size. Healthy eating can also improve erections in terms of both blood volume and longevity, increasing the size of the penis that way. The best bet is to eat a healthy and mixed diet with lots of vegetables and fruits, good sources of fats and carbs, and lean protein sources.

The best ingredients include eggs, chicken breast, and fish as your protein sources, brown rice, sweet potato and quinoa for carbs, nuts like pistachio and walnut, and coconut or olive oil for healthy fats. When it comes to vegetables, you can pretty much eat anything until it is fresh and came from a dependable source. The same goes for fruits, although you have to monitor your sugar intake. The general rule of thumb is to eat as many fruits that you could hold in one hand (not palming it), and twice the amount of vegetables.

Penis Enlargement Tools

Nutrition does have a role in penis size but works especially well if other factors are also present. This includes exercising, mental hygiene and the reliance on certain tools that can help you achieve penis size increase. The most common tools are traction devices that can help increase the size and length of the penis under prolonged use. These devices are different to vacuum tools in that they don’t use lots of force, instead exert a smaller amount, but unlike pumps, you can use them for extended periods, daily. The pumps offer more of a temporary solution with a stronger erection, but the results in penis size are not lasting, in fact, sometimes can be gone in mere minutes.

Putting It All Together

You get the best results if you cover all your bases. This includes diet, exercising, mental hygiene, being in a good relationship, and having the resources and the will to improve. Penis enlargement is not always necessary, but if you decide to chase that goal, you have to do the research and follow your diet, and if you use an enhancement tool, you have to stick to the treatment plan and be patient, because results don’t always come instantly. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or even years, but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away, keep at it.

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