The Celebrity Feud Fueled by Penis Size

Erica Mena Bow Wow

Plenty of men check out penis enlargement options to improve their self-esteem and give themselves a boost in the bedroom. Usually it’s a man’s own desire to better himself that fuels his desire to boost his size. But as one Hollywood feud proves, sometimes the inspiration comes from a negative place.

Bow Wow has made headlines in the past, but most recently the attention he received was definitely not the kind he wanted. His ex-fiancé decided to air some of her own grievances during an interview with Global Grind. During the interview, the topic of her ex came up and the interviewer asked about recent claims Bow Wow had made about not being black. Erica Mena said in response to the questions, “To his defence, Black guys are packing. So I get why he’s saying he’s not Black.”

Mic drop.

Bow Wow, now known as Shad Moss, didn’t waste time in responding – and defending his size. He made his statement on his popular Instagram account telling his 3 million followers, “I know she hurting inside…I see through all that. My name was tatted on her c**ch. This was my wife! We all act out when we mad. She loved this dick so much she put my name on it.” His statement reportedly refers to a tattoo Mena has between her legs. She has reportedly not responded to his rebuttal.

Situations like this may initially seem like just another way to get men to explore their penis enlargement options, but in cases like this, enlargement is almost certain to fail. The truth is that penis enlargement isn’t a passive activity. In order to achieve true, permanent and long-term growth, men have to invest their own time and energy. Using enlargement devices have been proven to be effective, but only one men put in the work. In many ways, it’s a lot like other body modification practices such as weight loss or fitness training.

Since there’s so much work required by men who want to achieve permanent penis enlargement, it’s something men should only do for themselves. It’s unlikely this very public feud will result in Bow Wow looking into Penis enlargement, especially since he claims he simply doesn’t need it. His public response shows his self-confidence is already high enough and that he clearly has no concerns about his own penis size.

Fights like this are becoming increasingly common, especially on social media. Couples both famous and pedestrian know where to hit when they lash out against each other on such public forums. It’s not surprising to anyone that penis size is a common target for women to mention when they really want to irk their exes. While some people laugh it off as little more than petty smack talk, others know that attacking a man’s penis size is a sure way to attack and erode his self-esteem.

This feud between celebrities has caught the attention of other men, though, since penis size is often a touchy subject. These guys know slams about size can hurt, even if they are able to put up a good front. For others, it can kick off a domino effect of wondering if they might actually need penis enlargement.

But if men already feel insecure, that’s the biggest red flag that they should consider what they can do to resolve the problem on their own terms. If size is truly an issue, there are plenty of penis enlargement options available to men today. For others, male enhancement products like libido boosters, stamina supplements and learning new techniques may be the answer. Whatever the problem, if there’s already a concern about some part of a man’s sexual performance, taking the steps they need to resolve it will make them feel more secure and confident no matter what happens.

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