Dealing with a Small Penis

The old saying of “it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it” does absolutely nothing to make men with small penises feel any better about themselves.  The fact is that being smaller than average makes a man anxious in the bedroom, especially if it seems like his partner isn’t being satisfied.  Of course, there is some truth in the saying—a man who knows how to pleasure a woman is a better lover than a man who knows nothing, but it’s also true that having a good sized penis can make lovemaking better, and it’s not all physical.  There’s a mental component to it as well.

When a woman sees a man with a small erection, she immediately thinks (consciously or subconsciously) that he won’t be a good lover.  While this is all mental and may not be true at all, studies have shown that women just aren’t as satisfied with sex if the man has a smaller than average penis.  Even if he’s an incredible lover, mentally the idea of a small penis equals bad sex does affect her enjoyment.

Then there’s the mental state the man has to deal with.  Having a small penis brings on thoughts of inadequacy.  He may be so concerned with his penis size that he doesn’t focus on making her feel good.  The anxiety can even lead to erectile dysfunction.  A larger penis does inspire confidence in the bedroom and makes him feel like a better lover.

If you need to add a few inches to your penis, one of the most effective and safest ways of doing so is to use a product like the Quick Extender Pro.  It stretches your penis, creating small, painless micro-tears in the shaft.  The body fills these tears in with new cells, adding permanent length to your penis and giving you the confidence you need.

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