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Discreet Penis Enlargement – How to Hide Your Workouts

Discreet Penis Enlargement

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times. Never jump on the discreet penis enlargement bandwagon if you’re in a committed relationship without talking with your partner or spouse. It can often come as a shock to others and create unwanted attention and animosity. Nevertheless, sometimes you just have to do it without anyone knowing and for those cases we have some tips that might help.

Wear Baggy Clothes

It should be a no-brainer but a lot of men actually think doing penis enlargement workouts in the nude is mandatory. Here’s the thing you should know when it comes to the pants on vs. pants off debate. It makes no difference whatsoever what you choose as long as you’re not wearing boxer shorts or tight jeans.

You may be thinking that wearing clothes and perhaps sweating during the warm seasons will cause the penis extender to slip off. Well, if you trust the engineers to develop something that actually lengthens your penis why won’t you believe that they also developed good countermeasures for wet situations?

Penis extenders have a very firm grip. This means that temperature changes won’t really affect and spark changes in size.

If you’re still worried about potential sweat interfering with your penis enlargement workout think about how and when that actually happens. If you’re not wearing tight underwear there’s hardly a reason to sweat down there particularly when you’re not doing anything physically demanding like running, lifting weights, or doing chores around the house.

Baggy clothes are the way to go if you want to hide your extender. They mask the workout and they don’t hinder your progress in any way.

Get Privacy

Don’t rent a motel room for two to four hours a day for the next six months just to do your discrete penis enlargement workouts. That will lead to more questions than you may want to answer. Make up a different kind of excuse that will still allow you to make use of your house.

Use the study, the home office, the garage, the personal gym, even the bathroom if you can book enough time in it. Wherever you can go to justify not having contact with anyone for a couple of hours every day.

Also, remember not to engage in any sort of physically demanding activity. Having your penis swing around with a weighted traction device on won’t do your penis enlargement dreams any favors.

Take a Drive

If you can justify leaving the house for a couple of hours take the car out and do your routine elsewhere.

Don’t Talk about Size all Day Long

If you’re unhappy with your size and are thinking about discreet penis enlargement chances are you’re thinking this for quite some time. Maybe someone noticed. Especially that someone you share a home with.

If you don’t want to raise suspicions don’t bring up size discussions. Don’t seek opinions from your partner before, during, or after sex. You should also avoid measuring your penis after each workout or staring at it in the mirror to see the results.

Take a measuring tape to it at the end of each month of your penis enlargement program. The results will only show after about half a year so you won’t be able to notice anything really for quite some time.

Shipping Details

If you’re really considering discreet penis enlargement there’s a lot to worry about that trumps any personal or damning information. Don’t stress over payment and shipping details. Whether you’re buying an extender or getting a subscription to an adult website, everyone knows how important it is to keep your privacy in these circumstances.

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