Surgery (Phalloplasty)

Why You Don’t Want Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Cosmetic surgery, same day procedures and even at home, Do It Yourself options have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Advancements in medical technology and a greater public understanding of various devices have led to a revolution in self-improvement. Now it’s possible to mold, sculpt and reshape your body into nearly any configuration you can imagine. While there are some extreme cases of people augmenting themselves to unrealistic proportions, for the most part, these new options have simply given people the chance to attain the body they’ve always wanted.

Cosmetic Surgery – The Great Gender Divide

The field of cosmetics has always catered to women. Cosmetics, skin treatments, hair products and a variety of beautification techniques and products largely ignore the male population for years, but that’s all changing now. These days, it’s not uncommon to meet a woman who has had some work done by way of breast augmentation, a nose job, face lift and regular botox injections. For men, the opportunities for self-improvement through the magic of medical science is beginning to truly row. Skin care regimens, hair products and other simply, daily products grow in popularity with many men. So, too, does the popularity of various cosmetic procedures. It’s common today for men to go in to have their teeth bleached, their wrinkles removed and even their regrettable tattoos lasered off. Now, the gender gap is closing even more with the advent and continuing improvement of penis enlargement surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery – What You Need to Know

These advancements may have made penis enlargement surgery a popular new option to explore, but many men aren’t taking the plunge. The fact of the matter is that the surgery to increase either length or width is extremely risky and requires a surgeon with an expert level of skill and knowledge. Surgery can also be shockingly expensive. As of 2014, enlargement surgery cost ran from $4,000 to $6,000 and could only be performed by a handful of doctors scattered across the world. The cost of the surgery itself does not reflect travel expenses, accommodation before the surgery or after care if the patient returns home and requires check-ups during the healing process.

The healing process is another significant obstacle to having enlargement surgery done. Depending on the type of enlargement surgery, healing time can easily take 6 to 8 weeks. Some options for penis enlargement include the semi-rigid implant and the new pump implant. Each of these has a life span of roughly 15 years. For some men, this may mean needing to plan for an additional surgery down the road to have their implant replaced.

A Better Option for Better Performance

Although surgical options remain nothing more than a pipe dream for many men, other penis enlargement options have become more accessible and have been improved. Traction devices, for example, have been the focus of a number of clinical studies since 2010. Researchers agree that traction devices can provide the results men have been looking for if they’re willing to invest the time and energy needed to give the devices time to work. Results do vary and can take several weeks or months to finally materialize, but when weighed against the expense, risk and pain involved in surgery, traction devices win hands down. Not only do they allow men to take control of their growth and address the issue in the privacy of their own home, the cost is minimal compared to invasive procedures and it can be done over time, ensuring that results are safe and don’t interfere with their active sex life any more than necessary.

Penile enlargement surgery has come a long way from the initial options available to men. Nevertheless, surgery remains rather impractical for most men. At the same time, a variety of penis enlargement devices have been developed which offer a safe, effective and relatively easy way for men to get the size they want without the risk. These newer devices can easily be found through a variety of companies and have also been thoroughly tested and reviews by the male enhancement community, giving men more options, advice and information than ever before.

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