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How to Find Success with Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

How to Find Success with Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

Surgical penis enlargement methods are very dangerous. You could be looking at a multitude of side effects, including erectile dysfunction or increased sensitivity. Luckily for you, there are other ways to achieve success, and increase the size of your penis. That solution is called a penis enlargement device, and it can – over a longer period – permanently increase the size of the penis.

How to Do It

Unlike the dangerous surgical solutions, these devices don’t promise you instant results. One needs to wear them for several hours each day, for weeks or even months. The results depend on a combination of genetics and proper use. The great thing about these devices is that you can wear them overnight. There are smaller versions of the device for daily use, but even those models are visible in certain clothing. If you don’t wear the right pants or you simply forget that you wear the device, there are no guarantees that someone will not see it. If you are only using the device throughout the night, you don’t have to worry about that aspect, and you can choose a bulkier design.


While that was not always the case, these devices have improved so much throughout the years that they are now relatively comfortable to wear. One of the reasons for that is the improved materials. If you are giving up 8 to 10 hours of your day, you might as well wear something that feels good on your skin.


Everything works better when you prepare for it. Penis enlargement is no exception. Deep tissue massage can warm up the area, and that can reduce the minimal pain that sometimes occurs while using the device. Some people report pain during the process while others don’t feel a thing, if you belong in the former group, deep tissue massage may be able to help you make it better.

Skin Care

If you have sensitive skin, you may want to use natural lubricants and moisturizer on the area to make it moister. If the skin is at its best, it is more elastic, and better prepared for the subsequent work.

Staying Motivated, Staying Diligent

Penis enlargement takes months, or sometimes-even years to work. Some people use these devices for that long before getting results. It is important to keep yourself motivated throughout the process, even when you don’t see quick results. The most possible scenario is that it will take weeks before you see any measurable difference. Once you see the results, you start to have a newfound belief that allows you to put all your energy into the process, so you can get the most out of it. How do you see the results though?

Measure It

A common mistake people make is not measuring their penis during the penis enlargement process. They think that if there is any difference, they will see it with their own eyes, but that is an awfully lot to ask from a brain and optic system that’s known for not being dependable. The scientific process doesn’t trust the human eye, and for good reasons. In order to have objective, accurate results, you should measure yourself frequently. Don’t do it too frequently because the lack of quick results could make you question the process, but every week or two weeks is a different proposition. Make it a habit, and see those results on the measuring tape.

The Effects

During and after the process, you have a higher chance of experiencing increased sensitivity on the penis, and that can lead to premature ejaculation. In most cases, this only lasts for a couple of weeks, if even that, but it could be a temporary problem. If it happens to you, don’t be alarmed about it, it is likely not a lasting result of the process but rather a minor annoyance that goes away with time.

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