The Five Hallmarks of a High Quality Penis Extender


The decision to purchase a penis extender isn’t an easy one to make. Many men postpone making the decision over concerns regarding price, quality and whether or not they’ll get the results they want. Searching for a high quality device can be hampered by a number of things, including the fact that a search for such devices often leads to pages that offer a number of other products or that offer extenders or pumps so inexpensive that it’s almost assured the devices will be of low quality and result in nothing more than emptying your wallet. Since there are so many products to choose from, we’ve rounded up the five hallmarks you can look for to boost your chances of buying a high quality device that truly delivers. These simple hallmarks will help you to avoid penis extenders that don’t deliver while guiding you toward products that can help to boost your confidence as well as your size.

A Comprehensive Explanation of the Device

Penis extenders work by putting fundamental scientific principles to use – gradual stretching through tension that results in literally stretching the penis. Although the scientific basis for these devices remains the same, how they achieve their results can vary from one device to the next. Some companies gloss over exactly how their product works and focus on promises of results or restating the problem a small penis can create. A company that focuses on exactly how their device can help, however, is a company focused on solving the problem and helping customers. If you’re looking at an enlargement device that never gives a rundown of how they can help, move on to the next candidate.

Customer Reviews from Third Party Websites

Websites for a specific product always offer up glowing consumer testimonials. While these quotes can be helpful, they rarely tell the whole story. There are some websites where men from all over have dedicated themselves to using, evaluating and then reviewing a host of devices, pumps, supplements and other male enhancement products. These reviewers and their websites are not affiliated with any one company and they offer their services only in an effort to help other men looking for help, advice and no-nonsense reviews. Check around for reviews on models you’re considering from these sources or other third party websites.

A Good Warranty or Guarantee

As with any high ticket product, the penis extender you choose should come with some kind of guarantee or warranty. Although no company can promise to deliver specific results, they should be willing to stand behind their product and cover the cost of a replacement or refund should the device break or cause serious damage. If the company never mentions a warranty, email to ask how they handle returns. This will also give you some insight into how well they handle their customer service.

Realistic Promises

In the world of male enhancement products, there are plenty of companies that promise to deliver over the top results. While most men know the old adage ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’, they often disregard it when it comes to male enhancement. This is also common in many other self-help industries – from treatments for hair loss to helping people lose weight. Although it can be tempting to fall for promises that go above and beyond what you initially expect, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and look for products that offer more realistic results.

A Good Reputation

Any product that works well will develop a loyal following. The company that develops, manufactures and sells that product should also be well known in the industry and have a good rating with past and present customers. Check out the company on websites that track complaints or grade companies based on their service score.

Keeping an eye out for these crucial hallmarks could mean the difference between a penis extender that helps to boost your size and one that only shrinks your wallet. Since these companies also typically offer other male enhancement products, they could also lead you to finding a company you can work with for years to come, and one that will help you enhance every aspect of your love life.

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