How a Penis Extender Works

How a Penis Extender Works – The Truth Behind the Talk

Penis enlargement via an extender device is a topic that has been filled with wrongful advice, rogue brands, and many misconceptions. A lot of people who talk about them don’t actually know anything about the science behind the process. The truth is that there is science behind penis extenders, and that’s what the whole process is based off of. They do work and they work in a very complicated manner. In order to encourage people to improve themselves its necessary to explain exactly what’s behind extenders and what makes them work. Here is the science behind all the hearsay.

Size in All Forms

Due to the fact that cell replication is at the heart of penis enlargement, it naturally means that girth is going to increase along with the size of the penis. It’s something that not a lot of people think about since people who speak of having a bigger penis are so often referring to length. Girth is just as important as length, however, because if the penis is wider then it means that it’s going to be in contact with more of the vagina during penetration. More contact translates to more feeling, which translates to even more pleasure than before.

As the penis gains in length there are going to be gaps in the girth. This girth is ‘filled’ and the penis gradually increases in this way; although it does have to be said that the increase in girth only happens up until a certain point.

Traction is the Key

Traction is the KeyTraction is the key to everything to do with a penis extender. This is the process by which the penis is gently stretched to form tiny micro tears in the skin. The reason this works is because it’s done over an extended period of time. It’s precisely why users are expected to steadily build themselves up so that they are able to wear the extender for up to six hours a day six days a week.

With a rest period in between these six day windows it’s expected that these tears will heal and the necessary biological processes will kick in to build a bigger penis, in terms of both length and girth.

During the traction process nothing is affected on the part of the user. It means that normal penis functions can still be carried out. Masturbation can still be engaged in, although it’s not recommended that this is done with the device on. Urination is also something that’s not impacted.

Constant Stretching

High quality penis extenders, such as the Quick Extender Pro, will provide penis enlargement benefits by exposing the penis to a state of constant stretching. The shaft of the sex organ will then reveal microscopic tears. Although it doesn’t seem like it, it’s not a painful process and nothing can be felt from these tears. Since they are so small they don’t touch the nerve endings and don’t alert them to any damage. Tears are invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen through significant magnification. And there is no permanent damage to the penile tissue.

Nerve endings may not be able to spot any tears, but the body will still be registering them. Once it registers these tears it will realise that there are gaps in the tissue of the penis. The only way to solve the problem is to send messages to the cells in the penis that they need to replicate to plug the gaps. A cell replication process known as mitosis will follow, with cytokinesis occurring soon afterwards.

This is not a scientific process that’s new. Yes, it’s true that the specifics were only just discovered, but people have been using these methods for centuries to increase the size of their limbs and other areas of the body. One of the first places where this was discovered was in West Africa where royal families of the time would perform a similar process on their children’s necks. Longer necks were a sign of royalty in many West African nations and therefore having a longer neck was seen as desirable by parents.

Mitosis and Cytokinesis

CytokinesisHigh quality brands, like the Quick Extender Pro, that specialize in proper penis enlargement will make sure that the processes of mitosis and cytokinesis kick in to increase the size of the penis.

Mitosis is the process where cells within the penis divide. Cellular division occurs where one cell becomes two. This happens over and over again until the tears are filled up with new cells. Remember, individual cells combine together to create tissues. Due to natural proportion the cell division process will fill in the gaps in both length and girth terms.

Cytokinesis also occurs during this process. To put it simply, it’s where the nucleus of the cell (the cell brain) splits itself into another nucleus. This is the centre of cell division and is one of the final stages of cell division and growth. These divide rapidly to fill in any gaps, which is why results can often be seen from penis enlargement treatments within a matter of days.

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