How a Penis Extender Works

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Even though many consumers view the idea of a penile enlargement product as an empty promise, there is much merit to the processes and, most importantly, the outcome that occurs through proper use of a penis extender. The fact of the matter is that millions of men are much happier with the length and girth of their penises after using a penis extender, which says much towards verifying that these particular products really do work. Using a penis extender is unlike other unproven and possibly dangerous methods of making the length and girth of one’s penis larger. The most questionable of these procedures include taking pills with unfamiliar or unexplained ingredients, and inserting prosthetics or foreign agents directly into the penis through invasive surgery that could lead to severe side effects.

The way that the majority of these penis extenders work is through a steady and gentle stretching that should be applied once daily. This process is completely free of any side effects or pain, and is often referred to as penis traction. The resulting growth of the penis happens due to microscopic tears that develop on the shaft. These tears are completely invisible to the naked eye, but they are identified by the body and in response to noticing these miniscule gaps, the body will utilize the natural features of cell division that are called mitosis and cytokinesis.

Mitosis is the method by which cells separate the chromosomes in its nucleus into two equal cells that become two completely separate units. Mitosis is followed right away by cytokinesis, which completes the separating of the cell into two by finalizing the copies through separation of the cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus and organelles that contain equal portions of cellular mechanisms. These two cells then quickly grow to the size of the original cell, and this is the precise progression that occurs when a man is using a penis extender to enlarge his penis.

As alarming as all of this might sound, the process behind this method of penis enlargement is a completely natural and biological function used by every person’s body on every day of his or her life. The tearing and building of tissue is precisely the same method that the body uses as it builds muscle tissue. This makes the use of a traction-based penis extender just like working out and exercising, since both of these methods are painless, highly beneficial to the person, and make men more confident as long as they are using the right technique for growth. Also, since the tension used in manually operated extenders is controlled by the male using them, there is no need to worry about overstretching the skin or the insides of the penis as the process is designed to be as anxiety-free and simple as possible. Although being able to see results might take some time, the effect of utilizing this painless and natural method of penis enlargement is longer length, wider girth and an overall boost in confidence for the man.

Unlike alternatives, the science behind enlarging a man’s penis through penile traction is both proven and sound. When compared to over-the-counter pills, there is a stark contrast in visible size differences, and most importantly, there is a huge disparity found between these products’ user-satisfaction levels and the truth behind their testimonials.

The fact alone that penis enlargement pills do not work effectively is not enough to keep people from buying them; nevertheless, there are some other factors that men should take into account before attempting to use them. As far as actual penis growth is concerned, pills are entirely ineffective for true growth to occur. As opposed to a one-time purchase of a penis extender, pills end up being incredibly expensive over time. Some men notice that their penis is slightly harder when using pills; however, a slightly more rigid penis does not equal the same thing as a physically larger penis. Some of the herbal ingredients found within these so-called “miracle” pills are potentially dangerous, the FDA has even cautioned against the use of some of the ingredients that these non-beneficial companies create.

Likewise, attempting to make one’s penis bigger through dangerous and invasive surgery should not even be an option. There is a vast laundry list of complaints and problems that can and do occur through this technique of enlarging one’s penis. Implants can fail, leak, or be entirely rejected by the man’s body. There is a long and painful recovery period required and, in opposition to what a surgeon might say, there is no such thing as “scar-free” surgery. Additionally, since the man knows that the size of his penis is attributable only to the surgery itself rather than real growth; he will not develop and maintain his confidence in a manner that is either psychologically beneficial or productive.

With all the problems associated with the different methods of penis enlargement, there should be no difficulty in choosing to use a penis extender. The safest and most effective of these is the Quick Extender Pro System, which offers a full routine based around maximum success. With results that are permanent, high-quality and hypoallergenic manufacturing that has zero risk to the user, there is no mystery as to why this system is both backed by medical professionals and customers alike.

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