How Hormones affect Penis Size

Some men have tried using different hormones to increase the size of their penis, but this really isn’t a very effective (or, in some cases, safe) way of increasing penis length.  In fact, there’s little evidence that it works.  However, one interesting study has shown that penis length is actually determined very early in the mother’s womb and is linked to a specific hormone.

The study was conducted at the Medical Research Council Human Reproductive Sciences Unit at the University of Edinburgh and was primarily conducted on rats.  The study showed that the hormone androgen is what determines penis length.  The amount of androgen present during what scientists call the masculinization programming window determined the size of the penis.  This window is between 8 and 12 weeks in the pregnancy.

It’s important to note that androgen only determines the maximum natural length of the penis.  Many men never reach this length because they don’t get the maximum blood flow to their erection.  The more blood that flows to the penis, the harder and longer it will get until it reaches this maximum size.

So will taking androgen later in life make your penis longer?  No, the study showed that taking more of this hormone at any point after the 8 to 12 week window did not affect penis size at all.

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