How long until you see results using a penis extender?

How long until you see results using a penis extender?

If you’ve been waiting years for a solution that tackles penis size then chances are you’re probably out of patience already. You want it now and you want to see results within a matter of days. So how long does it take to see results when you’re using a penis extender for penis enlargement? To answer that first we have to explain how the growth process works.

Understanding Micro Tears

Micro TearsThe micro tears that happen on your tissue are really microscopic. You probably won’t even notice them under a microscope unless you have a medical background and are able to differentiate between what should and shouldn’t show. To try and monitor penis enlargement progress on a daily basis is almost like trying to watch trees bloom early in the spring.

Furthermore, these micro tears get fixed so quickly that chances are even with close monitoring you won’t be able to take accurate notes after each workout. Due to the nature of how tiny they are and how little new tissue is created to close the gaps, penis enlargement is just like doing actual full body workouts. After a few months, you suddenly realize your abs are well defined, your chest looks stronger, and your biceps have veins on them.

The First Three Months of using a penis extender

At the end of the first three months of your penis enlargement workout routine, you can expect to see a growth of around 18% of your initial size. It should be quite proportional in both length and girth so you don’t have to worry about ending up with a very thin penis. That’s not how this works.

Although the growth is quite consistent on a monthly basis with most men achieving around 6% every 30 days, the first three months will be the most important. Why? Simply because that’s how long it seems to take before your body becomes accustomed to the need for constant cellular regeneration.

Even though if for the final phase in the program you won’t have higher gain averages per month, the body will heal faster and any type of discomfort you might have experienced in the beginning will then be gone.

The Final Three Months

Penis enlargement via traction therapy is usually a six months recommended program. It should give you an overall 36% size gain. Months 4, 5, and 6 should basically be just as the first three in terms of gains. The only big difference is that you hardly notice wearing the device anymore. Your workouts become way easier.

It is at this point that some men end up adding more weight or intensifying the workout. Don’t do that. This is where the similarities of penis enlargement and body workouts stop. Constant testing and tweaking are done to set very clear safety and performance standards. Either increasing or decreasing the intensity of the established program could lead to a wasted opportunity.

Going Overtime

As it is with any other type of workout, chances are that some men will react differently to penis enlargement. For instance, there is a possibility that after the 4th or 5th month the size increase begins to slightly decrease instead of maintaining the 6% average. When that is the case you can do one of two things.

Either go through with the program until the end of the 6th month or continue to do your workouts on the same schedule for another one, two, or even three. If after another three full months you don’t feel like you’ve got the full 36% gain increase or you’re simply not satisfied, you could keep sticking to your penis enlargement regimen. However, there’s a strong possibility that you might have reached your limits.


Results when using a penis extender is not something that happens overnight. It’s a process, one that you should trust and monitor carefully. Even in the case of the most efficient product available today, the Quick Extender Pro, it will take quite a few months before the improvements are visible to the naked eye. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a race.

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