Quick Extender Pro

How the Quick Extender Pro Changed Male Enlargement

The male enlargement market isn’t one that sees huge leaps and bounds in innovation that often.  Enhancement pills, patches, pumps, and extenders have been pretty much the same for years.  About the biggest change is when a company uses a different supplement or herb in their pills, but even that doesn’t seem to be a great innovation.  However, when the Quick Extender Pro came on the market, it changed up how penis extenders worked in one simple way: it added a second strap to the device.  What sounds like a very simple addition actually did a lot to change how men felt about using a penis extender.

With one strap, all of the pressure of the device is put on one small section of the shaft.  This is the only point of contact between the penis extender and your penis, and so it puts a lot of pressure and stress on that one small part of your skin.  That can become very uncomfortable very quickly, and you may start to notice the skin in that area is red or even becomes irritated if you wear these one-strap penis extenders too much.

With the double straps of the Quick Extender Pro, that pressure is more evenly distributed.  Instead of only one point of connection, there are two, and that puts less pressure on those areas.  These two straps also help to hold the Quick Extender Pro in place so that there’s much less risk of slippage.

While it seems like a simple idea—just add another strap—the fact that only the Quick Extender Pro uses the dual-strap system makes it quite innovative, and it changed the way some men looked at male enlargement.  The Quick Extender Pro is one male enlargement device that is safe and very effective thanks to its two straps.

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