Is Penis Size Genetic?

The size of a man’s penis is something he constantly questions but rarely talks about. In male circles, the size of one’s member is often a running joke among friends when one man seems to be smaller than another. Men also tend to judge their masculinity by the size of their penis as well. But what determines a man’s size? Is it all up to dumb luck, or are their genetic factors involved?

The Process of Growth

According to modern biology penis growth in males does not begin until just before the onset of puberty. Until then, the rest of the male body will grow through his toddler and preteen years. But it’s not until prepubescent hormones begin to kick in that he starts to see growth in the size of his penis. Even more interesting is the process by which the penis grows. Believe it or not, it is not continually uniform growth all the way around.

Studies have shown that in most cases the length of the penis is what increases first. That’s why teen boys in their early years of puberty seem to have elongated members when compared to their adult or prepubescent counterparts. Also, for the uncircumcised male there is an excessive amount of skin, which the adult penis will eventually grow into, but which gives the immature member a very elongated appearance.

The girth of the penis does not start to increase until quite some time after the lengthening begins. But it all evens out in the end when length stops increasing and girth catches up. It’s also common in men for the penis to keep growing a full two years after an individual has reached his maximum height. Considering the average boy doesn’t grow any taller after 9th or 10th grade, it’s conceivable that the size of his penis could continue increasing throughout his high school years.

The Genetic Factor

With an understanding of how penis growth is linked to puberty, it’s easy to make the connection between overall size and genetic makeup. While it’s possible for individuals to stunt their growth in other areas through environmental factors and certain types of behavior, a person’s height is largely controlled by the genetic program contained within him. This is true for the length of one’s fingers, the size of one’s thighs, and so on. According to biologists it would seem reasonable the same would apply to the size of the penis.

At the same time it is possible to enlarge the penis in the same way one could build up the arms or legs through bodybuilding. As a matter fact, the principles employed in both types of enlargement programs are actually quite similar. Both rely on the physiological principle of tissue damage and repair.

Enlargement by Rebuilding Damaged Tissue

The most effective way to achieve penis enlargement is to use a device like the Quick Extender Pro. This device uses traction to gently pull and stretch the tissue of the penis. The gentle pressure applied by the device causes microscopic tears in the underlying tissue, which are then repaired as part of the body’s normal rebuilding processes. That repair process ends up creating additional tissue to fill in the gaps created by the microscopic tears.

Critics of penis enlargement often look on this sort of thing as being dangerous and unproductive. Yet they fail to realize that bodybuilders build muscle in much the same way. Except rather than using traction they lift weights or use other similar exercises.

When a bodybuilder goes through his daily routine, he is putting stress on the muscles he is trying to build. That stress also causes microscopic tears in the muscle tissue which are then rebuilt naturally by the body. The rebuilding process adds more tissue to what’s already there, resulting larger, bulkier muscles. Done properly it is not harmful at all to muscle tissue. Likewise, when traction is applied to the penis in a safe and reasonable manner, it poses no risk of harm to the individual.

Genetics and Penis Enlargement

Now that we’ve spoken about the genetic factor and the process of penis enlargement, let’s combine the two together. Using our comparative example of bodybuilding, it is true that some individuals can build muscle and shape their physique easier than others. Why? Because of their genetic makeup. Some people just simply respond better to certain types of bodybuilding exercises. Those who don’t get the results they want from one sort of workout often have to choose something different in order to overcome. Penis enlargement works the same way.

Almost every man will benefit using a penis enlargement device in one way or another. But for some, growth will be faster and much more noticeable. For others it will be a little bit slower. If you’re on the slower side don’t be discouraged. Just keep at it until you achieve the size you desire.

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