Keep Her Coming Back For More

Keep Her Coming Back

No matter where a man is on his penis enlargement journey, whether it’s a casual encounter, or a long-term relationship, he wants to be a lover that women remember. Every man wants to be the kind of lover that a woman thinks about afterwards, and talks about with her friends. Women really do share intimate sexual details with each other, including their experiences, fantasies, and discussion about penis size and shape. A man’s appearance and performance are common fodder for girl talk, particularly if you’ve wowed her. Here are some secrets to go beyond the basics of satisfying her and keeping her coming back for more.

Talk, and then talk more. It may be a cliché, but men are visual and women are verbal. Remember that women tend to read their porn rather than watch it. Tell her how she makes you feel, describe what you’d like to do with her, whisper a little dirty talk into her ear in public. Remind her of a sexy moment to get her stimulated before you even touch her.

Wear a masculine scent. Women have a more sensitive sense of smell than men, so keep it subtle. But studies show that women are aroused by masculine colognes, and a lingering scent on your shirts or sheets will keep you on her mind.

For women, sex isn’t always intercourse. A woman’s brain is the center of her sexual experience, and her arousal doesn’t specifically coincide with the physical act of sex. Reminding her during the day that you’re thinking about her will stimulate her appetite, as will putting away laundry or mowing the lawn (use the opportunity to take your shirt off). Incidentally, this is great news for men who are undergoing penis enlargement using a penis traction device; even time spent wearing the device can still be sexually exciting, and a traction device doesn’t inhibit performance when the time comes. Knowing that she’s cared for and thought of is a huge turn on for women.

Generalise. A woman can be stimulated and aroused in her whole body, not just her erogenous zones. Whet her appetite by paying attention to the backs of her knees, the inside of her elbows, or just gently stroking the palm of her hand.

Make her feel hot. It may go without saying that a good lover doesn’t criticise his partner’s body during sex, but don’t criticise her body at all. And don’t be critical of other women’s bodies, or she’ll begin to wonder what you really think of her. When a man helps a woman feel confident, he helps her feel sexy and reaps all the benefits.

Pay attention to her body language. People often do what they want done to them, so if she touches your leg or kisses your neck, she probably wants the same from you.

Size isn’t an issue. While penis enlargement is often a sexual enhancement, only 7% of women find penis size to be critical to their sexual pleasure. The vast majority of women rate passion as the number one criteria for sexual satisfaction, so focus on being present during sex and communicating what you’re feeling. Sharing your intensity will heighten passion between both of you.

Stick with it. A woman can lose her orgasm with even a slight change in pressure or tempo. When she tells you not to stop, don’t stop. Research shows that women have the best sexual response to slow, gentle, and above all consistent stimulation. And, oddly enough, slower stimulation often results in a faster female orgasm.

Tell her she’s beautiful afterwards. After sex, some women feel messy and aware that their hair and makeup are in disarray. Reassure her that she’s just as appealing to you afterwards as she was before.

Even if a man is just beginning to undergo penis enlargement, he can still become a sex partner that women fantasise about. And afterwards, when he’s got not just the length and girth, but the skills and passion that women desire, he’ll develop a reputation that makes other women jealous. Remembering that sexual arousal and passion is an ongoing relationship practice, rather than a series of discrete events, and being mindful of a woman’s emotions and sensations makes a man into the kind of lover that a woman will seek out again and again.

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